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Three Key Benefits of Mobile Forms

Three Key Benefits of Mobile Forms

Completing regular checks and forms is a process used by many businesses to keep field teams focused on accomplishing their daily tasks and enforcing company standards. Unfortunately, manual processes and paper forms can be time consuming and costly to your business.

So how do you continue tracking field team performance without all the unnecessary effort spent entering the information into Excel and emails?

With a mobile form software like IntouchCheck, you can easily build your own mobile forms and checklists and automate your internal audit process - saving your organization time and money, and improving your overall operations.  

In this blog we’ll identify three key benefits to using mobile form software:

  1. Improved productivity
  2. Improved execution
  3. Improved visibility

Improved Productivity

Mobile forms help save time in your day-to-day operations, allowing your teams to accomplish more and operate more efficiently.

Here are 5 ways mobile forms improve productivity:

1. Save paper time costs

Stop manually entering audit information, and save time submitting audits by moving away from pen and paper. Using mobile forms to automate your internal audit process will reduce time spent on data entry, and eliminate the stress involved with paper forms.
2. Save reaction time costs

Mobile forms make it easier to take action when you need to. Once a form is submitted, an email with the audit report is instantly sent to the other people involved so teams can act faster. This saves time going back and forth discussing the issue with other team members and helps fix the issue before it becomes a problem.

3. Reduce inefficiency costs

Paper forms can be costly and time consuming. Converting to mobile forms helps streamline daily, weekly and monthly duties for all teams in your organization, and puts your employees on autopilot for all of their ongoing duties.
4. Reduce admin costs

Experience a much faster implementation with mobile forms compared to paper, and easier ongoing management. The ease of building checklists and forms, and the level of customization will result in an overall faster implementation for all users.
5. Reduce micromanagement costs

When management has to follow up and review small details with teams it becomes time consuming, requires a lot of unnecessary effort, and takes away from other bigger picture, revenue driving activities they could be focused on. IntouchCheck reporting allows management to spend time on more high-level issues, while still being able to easily view performance from one place.  

Improved Execution

Mobile forms provide teams with what they need to measure and track progress. With streamlined processes and enhanced team focus, you’re able to cut costs, while improving your business operations.

Here are 5 ways mobile forms improve team execution:

1. Improved accountability

Mobile forms help improve your operating process by making it easier to perform audits and checklists more often, find issues, assign them to team members, and see what’s been done and what hasn’t. Plain and simple - what gets measured gets done.
2. Improved focus

IntouchCheck mobile form software keeps teams focused on your standards on an ongoing basis by automatically reminding them when audits and checks need to be completed. With what needs to be completed in order to meet your standards at the forefront of their daily routine, teams will be aligned with company goals and requirements.
3. Faster reaction time

It’s inevitable - issues happen. That’s why being able to identify them before they become a problem is crucial. Solve problems faster with the ability to follow up with team members and assign issues to the right people, ensuring accountability and that things get done. Corrective actions are tracked, reported and resolved all from one place.
4.  Improved visibility and management

IntouchCheck helps you drive performance by providing better insight into the big picture. Management have a better understanding of how their teams are performing and are easily able to identify areas for improvement.

Improved Visibility

Being able to dive deeper into the workings of your operations will provide improved insight into your overall performance. Understanding and being able to verify what’s getting done helps when planning ahead and finding room for improvement across your teams.

Here are 2 ways mobile forms improve visibility into your operations: 

1. Day-to-day visibility

Get better insight into what’s being accomplished on a daily basis. Field teams and management will have more visibility to what’s getting done and what isn’t.
2. Ongoing, long term visibility

Enjoy better insight into what’s going on in the field and view how teams are performing over time. Recognize trends and patterns so you can accurately measure performance and see how your teams are executing long term.


Mobile forms provide an improved focus to teams and management alike - making it easier to focus on what matters, and when. To run your business smoothly and increase efficiency means ensuring that your teams are equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

A mobile form software helps in three key ways:

  1. Improved productivity
  2. Improved execution
  3. Improved visibility


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