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Making Great Experiences Happen | CX Day 2020

Making Great Experiences Happen | CX Day 2020

Every year, the first Tuesday in October marks a very special day for our global community. CX Day is dedicated to the celebration of businesses, practitioners, and leaders around the world that are on a mission to better customer experiences (CX) for all.

You may have a lot of information sent your way today, but don’t get overwhelmed! At Intouch Insight, the betterment of customer experience has been in our DNA for over 40+ years. We are here to walk you through it. As much as ever, we are on a mission to enable businesses to provide truly remarkable customer experiences that help them cultivate lifelong relationships with their customers, and we will show you where to start. 

In honor of CX Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of the key tools in our CX arsenal so that you may begin to build your own.


CEM Toolkit

Whether you're new to Customer Experience Management (CEM) or a veteran in the space, we're sure you'll find something useful in our CEM Toolkit. 

What's Included?

Intouch Insight's CEM Toolkit is comprised of three volumes:

  • VOLUME 1: How to Pick a Customer Experience Management Platform
  • VOLUME 2: The Quick Start Guide to Customer Experience Management
  • VOLUME 3: The Blended Approach to Customer Experience Management

This distillation of our holistic approach was developed to help you navigate the Customer Experience landscape from Voice of Customer (VoC) to mystery shopping and beyond so you can champion your own CEM program.

Checklist Template Library

If you’re looking for a way to improve operational efficiencies, especially as businesses roll out new health and safety guidelines and procedures, look no further. Ditch your pen and paper checklists and save time and money with pre-built industry-specific checklist templates. Not only are we offering am extended free-trial of our Forms Automation Software to help you get started, but our template library is also completely free! 

Changes in Consumer Habits Study

In order to better understand how the pandemic has affected the realm of customer experience management, we surveyed over 2000 consumers across North America to better understand their concerns and priorities, and how behaviors have changed in recent months. 

Below we've compiled our findings into three reports based on the industries we analyzed to help businesses make the necessary changes to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations:

  • Convenience Stores and Gas Stations
  • Restaurants and Food Service Establishments, 
  • and Retail.


People, Process, Technology: The 3 Pillars of CX Success

Insight from a Forrester expert and one of our petro-convenience customers on why it is crucial to align people, process and technology in the pursuit of delivering top-quality customer experience.

Do Something Great with Customer Feedback

Guidance from Heart of the Customer and Intouch Insight on how to solicit customer feedback to drive organizational change. Don’t just let your feedback data stagnate. 

Cultivating Trust in Times of Change

A discussion between CustomerBliss and Intouch Insight on what it takes to earn customer trust in today's pandemic-world, as brands reinvent how they do business and interact with their customers.

As always, don’t forget that we are here to serve as your virtual CX team. Build your CX arsenal and let your customers show you what they need and expect. Together we can make better experiences happen.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out:    


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