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How to Create a CX Approach for Maximum Impact [White Paper]

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There are several trends occurring across the world that are contributing to hyper-competition around customer experience. Increasingly educated and connected, consumers are empowered in their purchase decisions and expect consistent, high-value experiences. Research firms such as Forrester and Gartner have coined this as the “Age of the Customer,” as superior customer experience is one of the few remaining means of sustainable competitive differentiation for companies. Despite it’s widely-recognized importance, few companies have mastered the art of embedding a CX approach throughout their organization that can clearly attribute improved business performance to exceptional customer experience.

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We recently published a CX white paper in partnership with Jim Tincher, Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), that walks you through how to create a customer-focused strategy and provides actionable tips on how to build a successful CX framework in your organization.

The CXPA identifies six disciplines as the building blocks of an effective CX program:

  1. CX Strategy
  2. Customer-Centric Culture
  3. VOC Customer Insight & Understanding
  4. Experience Design Improvement & Innovation
  5. Metrics & Measurement ROI
  6. Organizational Adoption & Accountability

This whitepaper discusses each of these disciplines in detail and provides specific use cases of how world-renowned companies, such as John Deere, are living and breathing successful customer-centric organizations.

“Customer experience is everything the customer experiences with our brand, even before they come into our stores, as well as after they leave.” - Kurt Brennian, Operations Analyst, Kum & Go

Other key topics this white paper addresses:

  • How to get started with a customer experience management program
  • How to improve your customer experience with a three-pronged approach: effectiveness, ease, and emotion
  • How to derive business value from your CX program and adopt findings across your organization

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Receive the latest research-driven insights from customer experience consultants, analysts, and advice from our very own customers about how to win with customer experience in the white paper, Designing a World-Class CX Approach: Creating Your Customer Experience Approach for Maximum Impact.

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