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Experiences that Matter

Experiences that Matter

Intouch Customer Success Stories

At Intouch, we are very fortunate to work with a diverse and resilient group of businesses in retail, restaurant, hospitality, petro-convenience, and grocery. Over the past few weeks, we’ve watched our customers tackle immense change, reductions to their workforce, and the uncertainty of the unknown. From the depths of all this adversity, we’ve seen some remarkable innovation, compassionate community-driven initiative, and above all else, a reinvigorated commitment to the delivery of experiences that matter.

Since we have no doubt already hit our bad news quota for 2020, why not share (or scream from the rooftops) some of the good. Here’s a collection of some of our recent customer success stories.


In an effort to help with the shortage of PPE in many cities, 7eleven has donated over 1 million face masks to FEMA. In addition, to encourage consumers to stay home, 7eleven started offering contactless delivery through the 7NOW mobile app. Through 7NOW, customers can purchase, “... alcohol, food, candy, snacks, drinks, ice cream, grocery, health needs and more, delivered anywhere you are in about 30 minutes.” They have an inventory of over 3000+ items available through the app. This is not only an incredible initiative and a massive undertaking, but, it is fundamentally focused on ensuring customer and employee safety.


The Wawa Foundation recently, “...donated $150,000 to 21 different Feeding America Food Bank Partners through its COVID-19 Emergency Food Distribution Fund.” They have also disclosed their plan to provide an additional $250,000 in support for food and essential supplies for communities that have been stifled due to school closures and employment disruptions. Nonprofits are eligible to apply for additional financial support through the Wawa website.

And of course, Wawa are also offering contactless delivery and a 0$ delivery fee for orders of $15 or more. Yet another great reason to stay home, shop online, and support the great work that they are doing.


Woodbine Entertainment has shown decisive leadership while trying to modernize and ensure a future for a very traditional sporting event, horse racing. Catalyzed by the postponement of the Queen’s Plate, which is the oldest continuously run horse race in North America, Woodbine has actively been working on the development of an AI powered mobile app that will allow spectators to remotely wager on races in real-time. Spectators will also be able to, “...wager on a race from a data bank – 100,000 races over the last 20 years...”.

Since, Woodbine employees can’t easily work from home, and, “We’re not gate-driven like many sports and entertainment properties, we can run our races when we’re allowed to and they will be run without spectators for the foreseeable future .” By creating a wagering infrastructure that can operate without in-person spectators, the staff and horses can get back to the races, saving jobs and evolving their traditional practices.

Burger King

Two of our Brampton, Ontario Burger King locations recently donated 2,000 Whopper Meals to the employees of the Peel Memorial Hospital and Brampton Civic Hospital as a show of their support and gratitude.

In addition, understanding that people have lost their jobs and money may be tight, they have also mailed over 2,500, 40% off discount cards to essential grocery, retail and bank branch workers in their community.

Resilience is found in the ability to innovate in the good times and in bad times. We are inspired by our experience-driven customers, who are finding ways to better themselves, reinvent their business, and above all else are taking every possible measure to protect their customers and employees.

To our customers, we thank you for everything that you are doing. For finding new ways to do what you do best, and for remembering to rally around your community when they need you the most.

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