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    Three Reasons You Should Be Conducting Mobile Inspections

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    Countless industries and professions use inspections to ensure that their standards are being met and that employees are performing their jobs properly. Inspections are a regular part of the workforce, many often conducted daily.  

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    For plenty of businesses, the inspection process is to fill out pieces of paper by hand, then physically bring those pieces of paper back to the office where someone else will manually enter that data into Excel. After the information has been sent off, the paper forms will be placed into a filing cabinet and stored for an undisclosed amount of time, in case they’re needed again.

    So, what’s wrong with this picture? This method leaves a lot of room for error. Entering the same data multiple times creates the possibility that at some point in the process, the wrong information will be recorded. This is also a quick way to fill up filing cabinets with paper - which can be costly. Continuing to perform inspections in this way will eventaully take a toll on your business in regards to cost and time efficiencies.

    Fortunately, there is a solution. In this blog we’ll look at three ways mobile forms can improve your inspections:

    1. Provide more detail
    2. Action items faster
    3. Improve ongoing maintenance 

    Provide more detail

    When using paper forms and conducting manual inspections, you’re forced to simply rely on the data you receive and trust that it’s been collected and entered accurately - without any real assurance. On the other hand, with mobile forms and inspections, you’ll receive higher quality, more trustworthy and verifiable data - because the data doesn't need to be entered more than once.

    A mobile form software like IntouchCheck also makes your inspections more secure and thorough. You can require e-signatures from inspectors after they’ve completed an inspection, or require photos to be attached to certain items on the list in order to ensure inspections are completed properly.

    With GPS and time stamps you’re able to verify when and where forms were completed, and photos were taken. This assures that inspections are being conducted in a timely manner at the proper location, and that teams aren’t simply using the same photos over and over again.

    Action items faster

    For the average business, finding a lost document costs $122, and 7.5% of documents are lost completely. Even when documents aren’t lost, there are still many things that can happen after a form is completed, but before it makes its way back to the office.

    With IntouchCheck you no longer need to worry about lost or damaged forms, or how long it takes for inspection results to physically get from the field to the office. When inspections are completed you can immediately, and automatically alert the proper team members and share results.

    This means that if issues do arise, they’re able to be actioned that much faster, and inspectors can notify the proper teams in real-time. Flag specific items for follow-up or assign an issue to users with set due dates. This gives teams the ability to identify and fix problems before they have a negative impact on clients - allowing you to make decisions proactively instead of reactively.

    Improve ongoing maintenance

    Depending on the type of inspection being conducted, there are often safety rules and guidelines that are constantly changing and need to be adhered to. If you’re dealing with hundreds of locations conducting the same inspection, you need to ensure that you’re able to update the forms in use in a timely manner. With paper forms - this can be difficult.

    In IntouchCheck, ongoing management becomes a lot easier. Our simple form builder is easy to use and teams are able to customize forms efficiently. Publish changes to forms in seconds and instantly make them accessible to your teams in the field.  

    If you need to provide more context for inspectors, attach photos as guidelines for specific issues. This added reference provides the assurance that inspections are being completed properly and up to current standards.


    Whether it’s in the details recorded, the timely manner inspections are conducted and items are actioned, or the ease of ongoing management, there are numerous benefits to conducting mobile inspections at your business.