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5 Ways Inspection Software Helps Hotels

5 Ways Inspection Software Helps Hotels

How can you do more with less? This classic question is a real concern for hotel operators in 2023. Guest expectations continue to evolve while nearly 90% of hotels reported staff shortages in 2022.

In times like this, having the right technology to support your team is even more important. And inspection software is a key tool for brands looking to enable maximum efficiency across multiple locations.

Inspection software refers to an application that turns smart devices into a replacement for pen and paper checklists. This type of software allows users to load operational audits or daily checklists on their smart device, complete the required tasks, and submit the results.

Here we will look at 5 ways inspection software helps hotels:

  1. Ensure Consistency Across Locations
  2. Streamline Task Management
  3. Train and Retain Staff
  4. Resolve Issues Faster
  5. Drive Ongoing Improvements

Ensure Consistency Across Locations

Consistency is a key difference between hotels and alternatives such as short-term apartments or home rentals. Travelers expect to find well-maintained amenities throughout the premises and an immaculate room ready for them — wherever, and whenever they visit your hotels. Inspection software helps hotel operators to ensure a consistent guest experience across all locations.

Inspection software houses master checklists for regular tasks from housekeeping to building maintenance. This ensures that staff, no matter where they are, follow the same steps to deliver consistent results. And, because all locations pull from the same master checklists, any procedural updates only need to be made once and apply across all locations.

Streamline Task Management

Tracking all the tasks required to keep even one hotel running can be difficult and time-consuming. But inspection software helps hotel operators stay organized by keeping track of which tasks have been completed, what needs to be done next, and who is responsible for each task.

Inspection software sends supervisors real-time updates on tasks as they are completed. It will also inform them of any issues that require their attention. Whether an inspection is overdue, or a critical step requires a follow-up, automated alerts keep team members informed wherever they are.

Train and Retain Staff

Even the best onboarding program can’t replace on-the-job experience. Using inspection software to outline each step required for regular tasks means new employees can get out into the field faster while armed with the most up-to-date procedures.

Not only can new team members work independently faster, freeing up supervisors and managers to address other priorities, but inspection software also makes ongoing expectations clear. Alerts can be sent to staff members when they have an inspection due, when a new task is assigned to them, or when an issue has been resolved. By keeping your entire team connected, even junior members can find their rhythm and avoid being overwhelmed by the volume of work required to operate a hotel.

Resolve Issues Faster

As hard as we try, operational procedures can’t account for every variable. Issues will arise and, when they do, it’s crucial to resolve them as quickly as possible. Inspection software’s built-in automation improves team communications to keep key members on task and informed.

For example, if a routine inspection of a room finds that the air conditioner needs repairs. Once the inspector notes in the software that the appliance is not in good repair, a follow-up will be automatically be created, alerting the supervising manager and the maintenance department. All parties can then easily track when the maintenance is scheduled and when it is completed so an additional inspection can be conducted to ensure the room is ready for the next guest.

Inspection software also allows you to capture and submit photos. This means that, in the case above, the team member who noticed a problem with the air conditioner can show exactly where the issue is. Using media in this way cuts down on back-and-forth communication.

Drive Ongoing Improvements

Aside from streamlining day-to-day operations, inspection software serves is an irreplaceable source of operational data. Operators can leverage this data to find areas for improvement as well as replicate success at one location across others.

Inspection software enables hotels to set and track benchmarks such as the average number of issues raised during room inspections across all in order to identify locations that might need additional attention. Or, when inspections require a follow-up, calculate the average time to resolve the issue and track how your response times improve month-to-month.

Labor shortages have been a major issue since the COVID-19 pandemic. Many skilled hospitality workers who were furloughed did not return to their pre-pandemic jobs. To make matters worse, the hospitality industry has maintained over a 5% quit rate since July 2021 according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Inspection software gives hospitality workers the edge they need to work efficiently and effectively. See how easily inspection software can help your hotel with a free trial of IntouchCheck™.

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