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Three Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

Three Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

Sometimes, businesses get caught up in how quickly they can get a job done or how much they're able to bill for a certain project - forgetting the most important responsibility of the company: safety.

For many industries, workplace safety is a real concern when employees are operating heavy equipment and machinery on a daily basis. If you’re not keeping an eye on safety, employees are at risk for injuries, or even fatalities. 

Image of two workers standing on job site to illustrate workplace safety

While you can never completely eliminate the risk of injuries, there are ways to be proactive and prevent accidents. In this blog, we’ll look at how mobile form software like IntouchCheck can be used to improve safety in the field.

  1. Create daily safety checklists
  2. Provide thorough instructions for teams
  3. Report on safety 

Create daily safety checklists

Checking equipment functionality and ensuring that machinery and and job sites are up to code every single day might seem excessive and time consuming, but it's well worth it. Create unlimited, custom checklists in IntouchCheck to inspect all of your equipment, machinery and safety processes on site. Not only does this serve as a reminder to field teams, but completing checks using mobile form software ensures that your data is sent to the right people in real-time.

The information collected in the field is only as good as the amount of time it’s received in. With IntouchCheck you can submit results with the touch of a button. When monitoring any potential safety issues, it’s crucial that teams are able to make decisions and take the proper precautions or actions based on information - immediately.

Try our heavy equipment inspection form on your mobile device for free.

Provide thorough instructions for teams

Creating checklists is great, but your safety process doesn't have to stop there. Go the extra mile and ensure that there is no confusion between supervisors and the field teams, or the office staff when it comes to safety procedures.

What better way to ensure that nothing is lost in translation than to provide photos and guidelines for your teams to reference? If equipment is supposed to be setup one way or specific machine guardings need to be in place, take a photo and attach it to a checklist item so field teams are able to see exactly how things should look when properly maintained.

Not only can you provide photos for teams to reference, but you can also set up your checklist so that field teams are required to attach photos to certain items. 

Report on safety 

With paper forms, once the information is collected, it usually stops there. With IntouchCheck, your checklists are stored in the app for you to access from any device at any time. If an accident happens or almost happens, you can quickly refer back to your records to see how checks were completed, who completed the check, what the results were on a certain date or at a certain location.

Easily filter your reports by looking at specific date ranges so you can understand how teams have been performing and identify trends over time. All these reporting features can be managed with viewing permissions. Set up permission groups and select who can see what reports, and ensure that everyone has access to what they need to see. 


Although it's impossible to completely eliminate the risk of any accident or workplace injury, there are always ways to be proactive and help prevent these things from happening. Using a mobile form software keeps teams organized as well as prioritizes health and safety in the workplace. Keep a closer eye on workplace safety with the use of IntouchCheck.


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