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Parkland Partners With Intouch to Transform C-Store CX

Parkland Partners With Intouch to Transform C-Store CX

Want to learn how Intouch Insight's CX platform and Mystery Shopping services empower Parkland Corporation to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences across their diverse brands and locations?

Check out the complete story in the video below, or continue reading to find out more.


About Parkland Corporation

4000 retail service stations | 26 countries | 6000 + employees

A leading company in the fuel retail industry, Parkland Corporation has a large network of gas stations and convenience stores operating under popular brands like Chevron, Pioneer, Ultramar, FasGas, ON the RUN, and Marché Express.


The Problem: Fragmented Data and Limited Insights

As a major player in the fuel retail and convenience store sector, Parkland faced difficulties managing its customer experience (CX) data. 

Because Parkland worked with different vendors for different programs, its CX data was siloed, resulting in challenges to use the data to deliver consistent service quality across all its brands. 

Additionally, the mystery shopping provider wasn't able to reach all of their locations, which resulted in incomplete data and limited their insights for different regions.


“Before Intouch, we had a different Mystery Shopping provider, a different audit tool, so you had to go source the information from different areas." - Andrew Balchin, Program Manager at Parkland Corporation.


The Solution: A Unified Platform and Actionable Insights

Intouch came into the picture as a solution to these challenges. Our comprehensive service suite enabled Parkland to streamline its operations and maintain a consistent level of service. 

Parkland uses three of Intouch Insight’s solutions offerings:

"Having all that information in one repository makes it very easy for us to access the data and get the information we require." - Andrew Balchin, Program Manager at Parkland Corporation.


Mystery Shopping Services

The Mystery Shopping Program focuses on the customer service aspect, looking at site cleanliness and appearance, but its main piece is the customer service interaction.

This program provides insights into how customers are treated and the level of customer service at Parkland’s sites. The age verification program ensures that employees follow proper procedures and ask for appropriate ID when selling age-restricted products, preventing sales to minors.

Intouch Insight’s ability to reach even the most remote locations for mystery shopping has been crucial in ensuring comprehensive data collection across all Parkland sites. 

Watch the video below and learn how Intouch transformed mystery shopping data collection at Parkland Corporation, particularly in challenging and remote locations.



The Outcome: Streamlined Operations and Enhanced CX

Parkland’s collaboration with Intouch Insight has led to significant outcomes. 

With a consolidated data platform, they now have a clear view of the customer experience across all their locations. This allows them to make targeted improvements, resulting in driven actions to enhance customer experience.

The program has also ensured consistent service delivery and employee compliance with regulations

This consistency has been essential in maintaining high standards across all locations, strengthening the brand’s reputation. 

Additionally, streamlined operations through IntouchCheck® enable operators to accurately assess operational processes to quickly identify and fix any issues, leading to smoother day-to-day operations

Finally, broader customer feedback through surveys has provided Parkland with valuable insights into customer needs and preferences. 

This feedback loop allows the company to adapt and evolve its services to better meet customer expectations, building loyalty with customers, and driving long-term business success.

Check out the video below to discover how Parkland is making the most of having all its CX data in one place with the Intouch CX platform.



Parkland Corporation's experience is an excellent example of how a comprehensive customer experience management approach can deliver transformative results.

By partnering with Intouch Insight, Parkland gained valuable insights, improved operational efficiency, and delivered a consistently positive customer experience across all its brands and locations.

Want to find out how we can help you improve CX at your brand?  Learn more about Intouch Insight CX Solutions for Petro-Convenience.

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