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3 Reasons You Should Be Using Mobile Inspection Software

3 ways mobile inspection software can improve your inspections

Regular operational audits and site inspection are invaluable methods to ensure your brand standards are being executed consistently across your business. But too many businesses are still executing their inspection process using now archaic paper forms.

This old way of operating means physically collecting the completed paper forms, manually entering the data collected into some form of digital spreadsheet and then trying to create reports using formulas and pivot tables. Not only does this process leave sizeable room for human error, but it’s also a big time suck and frankly sounds exhausting!

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. In this blog we’ll look at 3 ways mobile inspection software can improve your inspections:

  1. Collect more detail
  2. Action items faster
  3. Improve ongoing maintenance

Collect more detail

Paper forms can guide auditors through the steps of an inspection and capture basic info for yes or no questions and short descriptions, but the quality of these descriptions will vary based on the auditor and the amount of time they have. With mobile inspection software, auditors can simply snap a picture - allowing them to quickly record every detail and remove any potential for misinterpretation.

Worried about accountability? Don’t be. You can require auditors to provide digital signatures when they validate the data as well as require brand new, live photos to be submitted with each audit to ensure the images you collect are up to the second accurate.

Plus, using an application like IntouchCheck™ for your mobile inspections allows you to easily collect auxiliary data like when an audit was started, how long it took to complete, and what location it was conducted at.

Action items faster

You’ve likely heard people refer to mailing physical letters as “snail mail” in comparison to email. Well, paper forms have the same problems when compared to mobile inspection software. Just think about the time it takes to send physical forms from various locations to be reviewed by a supervisor as well as the time it takes that supervisor to review each submission and action any follow-ups required.

With mobile inspection software, the second an inspection is submitted through the app it is processed in real time - providing an overall score and inputting the data into all connected dashboards and reports. With apps like IntouchCheck™, you can also leverage built-in automation to alert relevant team members of any actions required based on the data submitted allowing you to take action faster than ever!

Improve ongoing maintenance

Whether it’s new rules around health and safety, changes within your industry or you simply want to replicate a success at one location across others, your audit and inspection process will undoubtedly evolve over time. But keeping paper forms and office spreadsheets up to date poses an additional logistical challenge.

Many changes will require old paper forms to be replaced completely. This means destroying all existing forms, printing new ones and hoping no one accidentally finds and follows one that’s obsolete. With mobile inspection software there are no forms to delete - simply make the changes in your master audit form and immediately update that form for everyone using the app.


Considering the time and resources wasted by continuing with antiquated paper audits, it’s easy to see how implementing an app like IntouchCheck™ for mobile inspections can quickly pay for itself and then some! Start collecting more details, actioning items faster, and improve your ongoing maintenance today with a free trial of IntouchCheck™.

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