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2019 In The Rear View

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The new year is in full swing but we wanted to look at a few things that made 2019 stand out here at Intouch Insight.

As we continue to push out software releases across all LiaCXTM products, we are working to ensure they reflect industry trends and best practices, but also that they align with the needs of our users. The benefits of an ongoing dialogue between Intouch Insight and LiaCXTM users was evident as the percentage of user driven releases in 2019 more than double that of 2018; growing from 21% to 45%.

LiaCX Software Releases

Software releases in 2019 spanned all of the LiaCXTM platform, but close to half (43%) were related to our reporting hub that brings together the data collected via all the other products. Custom reporting, which was previously a service provided by Intouch Insight, can now be managed by users directly within the platform. This allows reports to be built to users' desired specifications - order the data, filter down to the important details and make them visible to the staff that need them. You can also now subscribe to report and dashboards on a delivery schedule ranging from daily to quarterly.

LiaCX Releases-by-product

We also had two major additions to our head office team in 2019. In February, Cathy Smith joined as our new Chief Financial Officer. Cathy brings over 20 years of experience in the tech sector including senior leadership roles with AirVM Inc., BTI Systems Inc., Fusebill Inc., Protus IP Solutions Inc. and Telepin Software Systems Inc. Then, in October, Erin Fenn took on the role of Executive Vice President. Erin was recently the recipient of the Ottawa Board of Trade's 40 Under 40 award and brings with her 17 years of experience in multi-locations, high frequency customer touch point industries including restaurants and online ordering - ever heard of Just Eat?

Cathy Smith, CFO and Erin Fenn, Executive Vice President at Intouch Insight

All of us here at Intouch Insight are excited to keep up the momentum built in 2019 at capitalize on the growing talent pool we have. Here's to seeing what 2020 has in store!

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