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Streamline Issue Management with Hotel Maintenance Checklists

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Maintaining a clean, functioning hotel property and amenities plays a big role in your guest’s experience. When the ice machine, elevators, lights, or restrooms aren’t working, the quality of your guest's stay is impacted.

Having your teams perform hotel maintenance checklists allows them to identify whether or not there are issues that need attention, but it's easy for checks to be missed or forgotten when other priorities arise throughout the day.

(This blog is part two of a four-part series on using hotel checks to improve your operations)

So how do you keep teams focused on performing hotel maintenance checklists to find issues and fix them before they impact guests?

IntouchCheck mobile form software is a great tool for performing checks and creating action plans for any problems that need fixing. Using IntouchCheck to schedule and assign hotel maintenence checklists throughout the day keeps your teams focused on preventing problems and solving any issues as soon as possible. By measuring property maintenance more often, your teams will be able to find issues sooner and use action plans to collaborate and fix problems so guests are none the wiser.  

Here's how it works:

  1. Create maintenance checklists for everything that needs to get measured. Then schedule checks for as often as you need. Property Inspection Checklist

  2. Verify how long it took to complete the check, to ensure teams aren’t rushing. Property Inspection Time

  3. Flag issues found during checks, then assign the issue to specific team members and set timelines required for fixing it. Accelerate Property Maintenance

  4. View a list of open issues to always know what’s going on and prioritize accordingly. 
 All Open Issues


Your teams' continued focus on property maintenance standards is a key factor in providing positive experiences for your guests. By automating and scheduling daily hotel maintenance checklists, your teams can effectively identify and fix any problems that may arise. 

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