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Improve Customer Experience with Mystery Shopping & CSAT Surveys

Mystery shopping & Customer Satisfaction surveys

When it comes to the value of your mystery shopping program, your results are meaningless if the behaviours you're measuring aren't aligned with your customer's expectations.

So, how do you determine the behaviours that will truly improve customer experience?

Compare customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys with your mystery shopping data. Mystery shopping is great at telling you whether your locations are living up to your internal standards, while CSAT surveys let you know if customers agree with those standards.


Your mystery shopping results consistently indicate that employees have followed the correct processes concerning the maintenance of the bathrooms in your restaurant. However, customer satisfaction survey data reveals that customers are not pleased with the cleanliness of the bathrooms. This feedback indicates that your internal standards for clean bathrooms need to be re-evalulated to better match customer expectations.

Aligning your operational standards with customer expectations will ensure you're focused on the performance metrics that will have the most significant impact on customer experience.

Customer satisfaction surveys are essential to gathering first-hand customer feedback which can then be used to develop a mystery shopping program that focuses on the behaviours that matter most to your customers.

Read the infographic below to see how to improve customer experience by combining customer satisfaction surveys and mystery shopping!

Already have a mystery shopping provider? Read our blog to ensure you're getting the right insights from your mystery shopping program.

How to Improve Customer Experience with Mystery Shopping & CSAT Surveys

Source: Lee Resources.


Using CSAT surveys in combination with mystery shopping will:

  • Ensure your internal standards match customer expectations
  • Help define key performance metrics that will have the most significant impact on improving customer experience
  • Provide first-hand customer feedback that will ensure accuracy in your program
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