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Intouch and you in 2022

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The new year brings new opportunities.

Despite all the curveballs 2021 threw at us and our partners, we’ve continued to have a discernible impact working with amazing brands across North America and are excited to continue to grow in 2022. We always kick off the new year with some kind of reflection on the past one, but this time we felt it would be helpful to consider the past two years given that similar challenges have overlapped. So with that in mind, we’re kicking off 2022 by highlighting a few positives in order to start off on the right foot.

First of all, our team has grown! As people who have worked with us know, we’re a tight knit family at Intouch Insight. And we’ve continued to find people equally as dedicated to driving meaningful experiences – which are even more impactful when consumers are stressed by factors beyond their control or yours. That’s why we’re happy to report that our team has expanded by 14% from January 2020 to January 2022.

But that’s just our internal team. Our database of mystery shoppers has grown by over 70% since January 2020. Given the diverse programs we’ve developed for partners using our IntouchShop™ services, this helps us ensure we can find qualified shoppers who meet the necessary criteria such as age or location.

We’ve also experienced fantastic growth in the adoption of our software. Our user base has grown by a staggering 259% over the past two years. This is a testament to the amazing work our product management and engineering teams have done rolling out new features across IntouchCheck™, IntouchSurvey™, and the Intouch Platform.

Wherever you are, whatever challenges you’re facing going into 2022, take a moment to reflect on your achievements – you’ll probably be surprised just how much you’ve done.

And that brings us to our new year's resolution. Whether you’re a current partner or not, we want to connect even more with you and help you reach your goals in 2022. Look out for our new Flash Points initiative where we’ll be sharing fresh consumer data for various industries, even more exciting features rolling out across our suite of products, and watch for the Intouch Insight booth at industry events across North America!

And you can reach our team any time via our contact us form or simply send an email to

Happy new year!

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