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Get More Out of Your CX Programs with IntouchSurvey™

Get More Out of Your CX Programs with IntouchSurvey™

This month, Intouch Insight is thrilled to announce the release of the latest and greatest IntouchSurvey™ self-serve model and redesigned subscription plans.

Why have we made these changes? 

It’s simple really. We want to make sure that everyone across your organization can participate in helping your business earn more and save more without limitation. To create a standard of customer experience excellence across your organization, you must become customer-centric in your approach, and you’ll need the right tool in order to do this. 

With this latest release to the IntouchSurvey™ subscription model, we’re giving you the functionality you need to drive growth for your business and meet your goals. Bring your voice of customer data to life, boost productivity, strengthen your focus, and earn back what you spend on your CX programs.

So, what’s changed? To start, all of our plans now include:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited questions per survey

This was the first step taken towards eliminating red tape and opening up our product to provide organizations with access to the basic functionality they need most. We want our users to be able to hit the ground running and easily access more advanced features on their own terms. 

IntouchSurvey™ Subscription Plans


The Grow plan is designed for organizations that are in the early stages of their CX initiatives. These companies may have different programs that exist independently from one another across the business but are not sharing or correlating data in any way. 

For example, let’s say you run a gas station. You send customers a post-transaction NPS® survey after their visit. You’ve noticed a recent increase in detractors, but you’re unable to pinpoint the cause. Meanwhile, your operations team independently runs a daily cleanliness survey to understand if the facilities are meeting customer expectations. By joining this otherwise siloed data, IntouchSurvey™ can help the gas station pinpoint important opportunities to improve the customer journey. As it turns out, bathroom cleanliness has taken a dive in recent weeks and is directly impacting customer satisfaction, quality of experience, and likelihood to recommend the gas station. With this insight, you are able to quickly remediate the issue and make customer experience a priority.

What's included?

  • Survey branding & design
  • Skip logic
  • Survey health analysis
  • Survey distribution by link, social, QR code & embed code
  • Standard survey results reporting
  • Email support & on-demand knowledge base

The Scale plan packages up our most popular features and is designed specifically for multi-location businesses looking to take their CX programs to the next level! The functionality included at this tier makes it easy to trigger actions and tasks automatically based on customer feedback, and the location-based focus makes sure the right people are notified! 

This plan includes everything in Grow, plus...

  • Advanced question types & templates
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Contact management & lists
  • Fatigue protection
  • Distribution by email & SMS add-on available
  • Aggregate survey reporting & dashboards
  • Filtered analytics views

The top-tiered Lead plan is designed for organizations with fully integrated, cross-functional CX programs. If you are looking for a tool that empowers you to do more with your data, look no further!  The Lead plan helps businesses obtain the necessary intelligence to decrease costs, increase revenue, and boost loyalty. The advanced user and organization configurations make managing complex organizational structures a breeze, and the highly configurable rules and workflows give you the power to bring focus to key company-wide initiatives by tagging customer feedback in real-time.  

This plan includes everything in Scale, plus…

  • Advanced user, role and organization management
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Access to LiaCX® exclusive features including: Case Management, Key Driver Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Automation Hub, Weather analysis, and more!
  • Time with dedicated Customer Success Manager

We also offer custom Enterprise solutions for large organizations that wish to survey respondents at a higher volume/frequency, or at a larger scale. These plans include key features such as white labeling, custom domains and URLs, key driver analysis, automation hub, and much, much more!

One more thing...

We know that for a CX program to be truly effective, it takes a village, that’s why non-user-based billing is at the core of our philosophy. Our pricing is designed to support businesses on their journey towards CX maturity. Wherever you are on your journey, we know you’ll find a plan that gives you access to a powerful survey tool that meets your needs today, with the flexibility to grow with you tomorrow. Check out all the features, here!

If you’d like to speak with one of our experts, please send us an email to


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