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Four Ways Mobile Apps Make Auditing Easier

Mobile applications: they’re everywhere and impossible to avoid. With the explosion of the smart phone, mobile apps are a serious and incredibly profitable business.

So how do mobile apps affect you, as someone in charge of multiple retail, hotel, petrol or restaurant locations? The answer: a lot.

Process optimization is the discipline of fine-tuning a practice so as to optimize a specified set of parameters. More specifically, the common objectives are maximizing effectiveness while reducing costs.

Mobile applications are an excellent tool to help you achieve process optimization at all of your locations, especially when it comes to audits, checklists and forms.

Here are four reasons you should use mobile apps for process optimization in your auditing process.

1. No More Pen and Paper Checklists

You know this scenario all too well: pulling out a binder filled with paper checklists to perform your checks and audits, and going from store to store until you have piles of paper and tons of files to sort through.

Completing the audit was half the battle, but now you have to record all of the data you’ve collected into spreadsheets so it can be analyzed and dissected.

By using an operational mobile audit app, you can significantly cut back the amount of time spent on completing audits and checks, eliminate data entry and get automatic results.

2. Real-Time Results

Analyzing and condensing data collected from audits is a pain. It’s a lot of valuable time spent on data entry, in order to share results with the people who need to view them.

By using form software on your mobile device, every time you complete an audit or check the results are automatically uploaded to the cloud and available for real-time analysis. So your time can be spent focused on other tasks.

With IntouchCheck, the data from your audits is organized into reports, and you can filter the results to see overviews, or drill down into specific issues and locations, no data entry or extra time required. So everyone is in the know, immediately.

3. Cloud Storage

Pen and paper checklists are not only terribly cumbersome because of their inefficiency; they also take up a large amount of physical storage space.

Boxes of files at the office make it difficult to find the specific files that you’re looking for. With cloud storage, never get flustered by unorganized file cabinets and piles of paper again. Using a mobile application to store your data means you can access the information you want anywhere, anytime, in seconds – all you need is a mobile device or computer.

4. Use One App For The Entire Auditing Process

Maximized efficiency is by far one of the most compelling reasons to use mobile applications for process optimization in your audits.

Your mobile app is a one-stop shop for completing and uploading checks, viewing results, as well a ton of other features that enhance the quality of your data and make issue management easier.

Using one tool for the entire auditing process saves time, cuts costs and improves productivity.


Eliminating pen and paper checks, having real-time results, cloud storage and using one tool to complete every phase of your audits makes each step of the auditing process less time consuming. From creating checklists, to completing audits, collecting data and reporting on it, operational audit software with mobile capabilities is the way to go if you want to achieve process optimization in your audits and across your business.



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