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How to Streamline Your Operations with Mobile Data Collection

What are the major problems you’re enduring with your current process for managing operations? Employee productivity? Issue management and resolution? Collecting insightful data about operational performance?

If you are facing any of these challenges, we have the answer to your problems: mobile data collection.

Pen and paper checklists and audits are commonly the root of these issues. If you’re currently using this process, consider the new year as an opportunity to ditch pen and paper and adopt something new.

In this blog, we'll discuss how mobile data collection will improve how you manage operations.

Increase employee productivity

Do you wish you could reduce the time your employees spend creating and completing checklists, and performing data entry? With mobile data collection software like IntouchCheck, you can create online checklists effortlessly and quickly. There is even a selection of checklists that are premade for you, all you have to do is import them.

Users can access checklists on any mobile device, so field teams can perform audits and checks anywhere – even if they’re offline. Results are uploaded from the device to the cloud in real-time. No more time wasted on photocopies and data entry, or time waiting to view results. Employees can focus their efforts on more important projects and react to audit results faster, contributing to an overall increase in productivity across your business.

Improve communication and issue management

Think about your current process for completing operational audits: how do field teams and managers communicate when an issue is found? How long does it take for issues to be identified and fixed?

The time it takes between completing the audit to inputting the data on a computer, and then manually contacting the people responsible for issues found, makes your data more susceptible to errors. It also increases the chances that people will not be notified of issues.

Mobile data collection streamlines communication between teams, so issues get resolved faster and don’t go forgotten. Using operational audit software like IntouchCheck, managers automatically receive emails about issues found. Teams can have real-time discussions, upload photos and add comments, and mark issues as resolved. All issues requiring follow up can be viewed in one place, so issue management is clearer, easier and always taken care of.

Better insights into operational performance

Decoding data and compiling it into charts and graphs that accurately depict the results you are trying to relay can be a challenge.

Using IntouchCheck mobile data collection software, your results are automatically organized into reports for you. You can choose from four different types of reports, and view clear visual summaries of your data. Get overviews of how locations are doing in a certain region, or drill down into a specific location. These reports give you richer, better insights into operational performance so you can react faster.


Pen and paper checklists hinder your ability to optimize processes for managing your operations. Increasing employee productivity, improving communication for issue management and resolution, and getting better insights into operational performance are all vital elements contributing to the success of your business.

Make this the year you exceed standards across your locations. Adopting mobile data collection for your operational audits and checks is a smart choice that will empower you and your employees to make your business run smoothly and more efficiently.



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