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Mobile Forms: A Guide to Your Savings and ROI

Mobile Forms: A Guide to Your Savings and ROI

Prospective clients often ask us, “how much can I save using IntouchCheck mobile forms?” While the savings and ROI for mobile forms vary by factors like the amount of forms a business uses, the complexity/length of those forms, the number of locations/business size, etc.; there are some instant and long-term savings that our clients consistently experience.

Image of pocket change piled up to represent savings and ROI from using mobile forms

In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of what these standard savings are to help give you a better understanding of the benefits of using IntouchCheck mobile forms at your organization and what kind of savings are possible.

Instant savings

There are two types of costs associated with paper-based methods for checklists, audits and forms: time and money. On average, offices spend the following on paper-based processes:

  • $25,000 to fill a filing cabinet
  • $2,500 per year to maintain a filing cabinet
  • 15 minutes to retrieve and file a document
  • $20 in labour spent looking for a misfiled document

By using IntouchCheck, our clients immediately see savings/results in the following areas:

Paper costs

Mobile forms eliminate paper from your audit process, instantly cutting costs. The IntouchCheck form builder makes it easy and quick to create mobile forms or convert your existing forms to mobile - so getting started is simple.

Data entry/spreadsheets

All form results are instantly uploaded from your device to the cloud, in real-time - no data-entry needed. This saves time delivering forms to the office and time spent manually entering results into a spreadsheet on your computer.

Productivity & accessibility

The results of each form are accessible from anywhere, on any mobile device or desktop. Your teams can be more productive because they no longer having to spend time searching for information in stacks of paper or creating spreadsheets. All data is easily accessible and stored safely, so your records are always ready for audit, review or reference.

Long-term savings

Long-term savings tend to be more unique to each client than instant savings; but, most long-term savings our clients talk about relate to data and management. Meaningful data that tells a story can be hard to come by, but IntouchCheck helps businesses measure their operations and understand where they are excelling and where they need to improve. Some areas our clients experience long-term savings/results in are:

Reaction time

With real-time submissions and automated action plans, your teams will be able to react to issues faster. When issues are found during an audit or check, notifications are automatically sent to the right people and an action plan for fixing it is created. Action plans can be assigned, due dates can be set, and teams can collaborate, discuss and resolve the issue in IntouchCheck. This automation helps teams fix issues before they impact customers, contributing to an improved customer experience across your locations.

Data tracking/editing

Paper and spreadsheet methods put your data at high risk of error and inaccuracy. This leads to confusion and time wasted looking for answers, trying to rectify errors, and double-checking that data is correct in spreadsheets. It also makes it difficult for managers to make decisions to drive improvement. With mobile forms, handwritten and data re-entry errors are no longer a problem. Plus, you’re able to collect richer data than before with mobile features like photos and geocoding.

Visibility and management

IntouchCheck can automatically send a full PDF report of audit results once an audit is completed, and rolls up data into visual analytics. That data can be filtered by date, location, checklist, or organization group and also displays a list of top issues at your business. This information empowers your managers with the knowledge they need to identify gaps/training needs, and gives them insights on how they can drive performance.


The exact savings and ROI of mobile forms is unique to each client, but the general savings and benefits are clear. By switching from paper to IntouchCheck mobile forms, you will help improve team productivity, cut costs, and empower your teams with the insights they need to drive operational excellence and performance across your organization.


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