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Three Reasons Oil and Gas Inspections Should be Mobile

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Oil and gas inspections are a powerful tool that can be used to ensure field teams are executing safely and correctly, give you visibility into what’s happening in the field, and provide insights on how to improve processes.

In the oil and gas industry, it’s not uncommon for field teams to work remotely in the rigs for days at a time. Using paper methods for inspections and daily reports limits their ability to communicate and your ability to react quickly if any issues occur on-site.

Mobile form software like IntouchCheck allows field teams complete oil and gas inspections on any mobile device, anywhere - even offline. This gives them the necessary tools to complete their jobs properly and instantly submit inspection results to the office so issues can be actioned right away.

In this blog we’ll look at three ways going mobile will help you get the most from your oil and gas inspections:

  1. Improve execution and ensure teams operate safely 
  2. Gain more visibility and save time on reporting
  3. React to issues faster

Improve execution and ensure teams operate safely 

When operating heavy machinery and equipment, safety is of the utmost importance. Inspection forms and daily quality control reports help field teams ensure nothing gets missed and processes are followed.

Using mobile form software like IntouchCheck makes it easier for your field teams to access and complete forms in the field, and ensures they always have a reference of what needs to get done - right at their fingertips. Teams can fill out forms offline, and submit when reconnected. Plus, you can add additional safety instructions and guidelines to form items to improve execution and ensure everyone is operating safely.

Gain more visibility and save time on reporting

Instantly learn about what’s happening in the field as soon as inspections are complete and stop wasting time digging through paper to find out what’s going on. With IntouchCheck, you’ll receive real-time emails alerts with PDF report summaries when inspections are completed. You can also capture photos, signatures, timestamps and geocodes - giving you a crystal clear look at your field operations.

All of your data is rolled-up in one place, so you can easily view and manage performance on one platform. With the ability to compare performance over time and view top trends you can gain insights on how to improve processes and increase efficiencies.

React to issues faster

Measuring your oil and gas operations daily, gives you the opportunity to identify issues before they become problems. IntouchCheck mobile form software makes it easier to perform daily inspection and speeds up issue management by instantly connecting office teams with the field. Once an issue is identified on-site, the right people are notified by email and an action plan is automatically created - no more waiting for remote teams to manually send over results. Action plans can be assigned, a due date can be scheduled, and teams can discuss and resolve from their smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Whether it’s a vehicle and tank inspection, daily quality control report, or well measurement, you want to ensure things are done right and that you can have constant visibility into what and how things are being done. To do so you need a tool that equips your teams with the necessary knowledge and guidelines to execute correctly and safely, and quickly alerts you of any issues so you can react quickly. Using a mobile form software for your oil and gas inspections will help you in the following ways:

  1. Improve execution and ensure teams operate safely 
  2. Gain more visibility and save time on reporting
  3. React to issues faster 


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