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How to Use Mobile Forms to Improve Guest Experience at Your Hotels

How to Use Mobile Forms to Improve Guest Experience at Your Hotels

Operating a hotel chain is a complex, fast-paced job. At every hotel, there are numerous people and departments that need to function simultaneously and seamlessly at almost all hours of the day. From housekeeping to the condition of amenities, hotel operators and managers need to monitor many moving parts in order to ensure their hotels are operating smoothly and that they are providing stellar guest experiences. 

Brands who invest and focus on guest experience management (GEM) are the ones who will gain a competitive advantage. For hotels, the commitment to GEM should include providing staff with the necessary tools to tackle their to-do-lists consistently and efficiently so that they are always meeting brand standards.

So, how do hoteliers ensure they equip their teams with the tools needed to deliver the brand promise and positive guest experiences? Mobile forms.

(This blog is part three of a three-part series on guest experience management)

How will mobile forms help you manage your hotel operations and guest experience?

Mobile form software allows you to create unlimited checklist, audit and inspection forms to measure and monitor all aspects of your hotel operations. Many hotels use paper forms and checklists to collect this data, but the process is time consuming, can lead to lost forms and inaccurate data, and risks important tasks slipping through the cracks.

Mobile forms help streamline employee tasks and the entire data collection process in a few key ways:

  • View data in real-time. Forms can be completed on any mobile device and results are submitted in real-time as soon as a form is completed. No data entry needed.
  • Assign, schedule, alert. Ensure things like regular maintenance tasks are never forgotten by assigning checklists to specific team members, scheduling when the checklist needs to be completed, and alerting the person responsible when a check is approaching.
  • Identify and resolve issues faster. If an issue arises during a check or audit, teams have the ability to flag it and resolve the issue using action plans. Because the necessary stakeholders are alerted of the issue in real-time, the issue can be resolved before it has the chance to impact guest experience. 
  • Drive consistency. With checklists guiding your staff on exactly how tasks should be completed or issues should be resolved, you're ensuring they complete things consistently and according to your brand standards at all of your locations.

What can you measure with mobile form software at your hotels?

There are many touch points that contribute to guest satisfaction and their willingness to recommend and/or return to one of your hotels. To guarantee that you’re providing your guests with a positive and memorable guest experience, ensure that you’re accounting for everything they might require or expect during their stay.  

From ice machines to pool inspections, nothing that impacts guest experience should be missed - even the details. For example, if rooms are clean and presentable but the phone won’t dial out - that doesn't equate to a positive guest experience. Some common things to evaluate are:

  • Is the front desk staff properly equipped with the  tools required to efficiently check-in each guest?
  • Are the rooms setup correctly before guests arrive?
    • Bedding - beds properly made with fresh linens
    • Bathroom - stocked with hand soap, shampoo and conditioner
    • Telephone - correctly labeled and in working order
    • Resources - room service menu, hotel information and surrounding attractions listed and provided in each room

IntouchCheck Hotel Housekeeping Checklist

  • Cleanliness! - everywhere from the bathrooms in each hotel room down to the lobby
  • Are room service menus up to date (reflecting current seasonal dishes or promotions)?
  • Are all ice machines in working order?
  • Are the men’s and women’s bathrooms properly stocked and tidy?
  • Is the outdoor furniture in good condition?
  • Is the surrounding pool equipment well maintained?


When guests enter your hotel for anything from an overnight to extended stay, they expect to be provided with the luxury and amenities that make them feel comfortable. To consistently deliver on your customer’s expectations, mobile forms help ensure your hotel is operating smoothly and that teams have the tools they need to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

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