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Why Operations Teams Should Care About CEM

First things first: before we tell you why your operations team should care about customer experience management (CEM), we’ll start by explaining what this term means, as it might be unfamiliar to you. Then, we’ll go into more depth about this growing strategy and its relation to operational excellence and Intouch. 

What is customer experience management?

An effective customer experience management (CEM) program (also known as a voice of the customer program) combines operational data and customer feedback from mystery shopping, operational and compliance audits, and customer surveys, transforms it into meaningful insights, and provides teams across the entire organization with the tools they need to action problems instantly.

Custmer experience management program

How will customer experience management improve my operations?

Comparing mystery shopping scores with audit scores and customer feedback provides your business with a 360° view into operational performance and allows you to learn two important things about your execution and standards:

  1. If your locations are following your current standards, and
  2. Whether or not the standards you’ve set are aligned with your customer expectations

How do Intouch CEM programs work? 

1. Measure execution and collect customer feedback through:

2. Interpret program results and view data in one place

Data silos limit your ability to see the full picture of operational execution, standards and service levels. Intouch customer experience management programs bring the data from all of your measurement programs together in the IntouchIntelligence reporting platform and is accessible with a single sign-on. With IntouchIntelligence,  everyone in your organization – from the front-line to the c-suite – can view customized, location or role-based dashboards with insights that are meaningful to them. Beautiful charts and graphs make it easy for your company's decision makers to quickly absorb information, view opportunities for improvement, and quickly take action.

Customer experience management dashboard

3. Action feedback and close the loop on any issues that arise

Collecting operational data and customer feedback means nothing if action is not taken. Intouch CEM programs empower you to act more effectively on customer experience insights by creating and assigning detailed action plans for specific customer or operational problems to ensure all the necessary steps are taken to resolve the problem. Action plans can be completed on any mobile device and verified using geocoded photos and signatures.


Generally, operations teams are more familiar with mystery shopping and audit programs that focus on standards and execution, rather than customer satisfaction surveys. However, the growing shift towards customer experience management strategies will provide operations teams with additional insights that eliminate the data silos that limit their ability to drive business improvements to the fullest. 


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