Petro-Convenience Mystery Shopping [Infographic]

By Paul Bell, Director of Business Development, on October 05, 2017

In petro-convenience stores, you no longer just have gas pumps to worry about. The industry is always growing and shifting - with everything from fresh food offerings to cleanliness, there are many crucial touch points in your CX. 

Your brand is only as good as your lowest performing associate or location. So, how can you ensure that your stores are following brand standards? Mystery shopping lets you collect third party feedback and assess performance based on specific benchmarks that you're measuring. 

You'll sleep soundly every night knowing that your standards are being followed by every associate at every location.  

Read the infographic below to see how valuable petro-convenience mystery shopping is to customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Infographic - Petro-Convenience Mystery Shopping

Source: Forbes, CSP.