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How To Promote Responsible Sales

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When you manage multiple stores or restaurants, it’s important that all your staff are aware of any laws or standards that apply to your business. Promoting responsible sales amongst your staff is crucial as noncompliance with the law can severely affect your company and your employees.

In any workplace - no matter the industry - there’s always room for human error. To prevent people from making mistakes or forgetting to follow proper steps of service, there’s a few things you can do to improve accountability, while keeping laws and standards front and center.

  1. Proper training
  2. Mystery shopping

1. Proper training

Whenever you hire a new employee, you have the opportunity to train them and teach them best practices from the get-go. This is where you instill your company values, rules, and regulations into their minds and ensure that they know what steps to follow. Before any bad habits can be formed, help your employees understand what’s important to your business and mutual success - and why.

In an environment where staff are selling or serving alcohol or tobacco products, it’s crucial that proper training is administered. With responsible sales, employees need to know who requires identification and what pieces of identification are valid. In some cities, different rules apply and the legal age varies. Teach your staff what’s required of them and enforce compliance across your stores.

Make sure that staff understand the consequences and repercussions if regulations aren’t followed. You want to guarantee that your employees know exactly what they need to look for when selling or serving alcohol or tobacco to customers. It’s necessary that staff know that this type of training isn't just implemented to benefit your business, but also to help prevent them from breaking the law by selling to someone underage.

2. Mystery shopping

Measure your service, get an inside perspective into your team’s performance, and ensure compliance with the law through mystery shopping. Have certified shoppers within a certain age range go into your stores and order alcohol or tobacco from your employees. Find out how your staff handles these customers and whether or not they’re following legal obligations.

After asking for a piece of identification, measure how your staff handle themselves when selling to a younger looking crowd. Being able to differentiate between valid and fake pieces of identification and asking for a second piece when necessary is a large part of responsible sales.

See who needs a refresher of company and legal rules and policies, and who could benefit from further explanation of the severity of consequences if proper steps aren’t taken. Use these results to ensure that staff are performing up to standard.

This is about more than just following the rules, but also to protect your company and your employees from making errors or having a lapse of judgement that could negatively impact your business, and their career. Mystery shopping your staff will help avoid any legal risk or severe fines and penalties.


Enforce compliance amongst your staff and ensure that teams know how to sell products safely and responsibly. By doing everything in your power to educate your employees and measure their performance, you lower the risk of damages and safeguard your business.

Promote responsible sales at your locations with two simple steps:

  1. Proper training
  2. Mystery shopping