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Operational Audits

Top 5 tips to ensure your program’s success

2 min read

5 Tips for Getting Real Results from Virtual Audits

Throughout 2020 we’ve experienced a drastic rise in interactions and experiences going virtual. We saw an increase in online shopping as well as many...

Franchise Audits

3 min read

Dos and Don'ts of Franchise Audits

Keeping your franchisees engaged, connected with the corporate office and committed to delivering brand standards on an ongoing basis are three key...

1 min read

How to Drive Visual Merchandising & Planogram Compliance

As a retailer, telling a visual story that invites shoppers into your store and engages them throughout their shopping experience is as important as...

Store Atmosphere Cleanliness

1 min read

A Simple Easy Tool for Improving Store Atmosphere & Cleanliness

An inviting store atmosphere is made up of several elements of customer experience, from cleanliness, cash lines and change rooms to lighting,...

2 min read

Three Reasons Audits Are Necessary for Any Business

A lot of small businesses don’t prioritize or perform audits. This is usually due to lack of resources, efforts to minimize expenses for the company,...

3 min read

6 Reasons to Switch to Operational Audit Software

You manage a business. With that role comes the responsibility of ensuring standards are being met across your locations, employees are following...