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How to Create a Restaurant Food Safety Culture

Restaurant food safety is a top priority for all restaurants. But, in order to keep teams committed to these efforts on an ongoing basis, you need to create a food safety culture amongst your staff.

Highlighting your health and food safety values, training, and cross-checking are the keys to building this culture. IntouchCheck restaurant inspection app is the perfect tool for measuring food safety daily and providing ongoing training for staff, so procedures to avoid contamination and other risks become second nature. Plus, it actually saves managers time. 

(This blog is part two of a three-part series on improving your restaurant operations.)

With IntouchCheck, you can focus your teams on health and safety compliance on an ongoing basis to ensure you’re always serving your customers safe, quality food. Create and schedule unlimited health and food safety inspection forms for things like proper food storage, expiry dates, refrigerator and freezer temperatures. By measuring health and safety more, you’re able to identify non-compliance issues sooner and reduce product waste.

  1. Create a health and safety check in IntouchCheck. You can use the date picker to record expiry dates or the number item to record temperatures and set an acceptable range. Attach Planograms

  2. Setup role groups and user permissions to define which users are allowed to perform health and safety checks at which locations. Define Acceptable Temperature Range

  3. Flag issues that require additional attention. You can even setup automated email notifications to immediately alert managers of the problem. Flag Issues

  4. Discuss issues, assign them to specific users and set due dates for when they need to be completed, then mark as resolved. ACction Plans


Measuring as often as possible is the key to breeding compliance across your teams and helps you identify any restaurant food safety issues before they impact customers. IntouchCheck is easy to use and get others to use, so you can quickly kick-off implementing a food safety culture at your restaurant.  

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