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Tips for Keeping Your Teams Committed to Hotel Food Safety


If you operate a restaurant out of your hotel or offer room service - food safety compliance is imperative to your business. Safely storing food, ensuring items are within their expiry date and avoiding cross-contamination requires knowledge and commitment from your teams.

(This blog is part four of a four-part series on using hotel checks to improve your operations)

So how do you keep your teams committed to hotel food safety on an on-going basis?

Creating a food safety culture amongst your teams is the key to preventing any foodborne illnesses. In order to create this culture you must train and measure your staff on an on-going basis. 

IntouchCheck mobile form software is the perfect tool for promoting hotel food safety amongst your staff. With IntouchCheck you can schedule, assign and notify teams of upcoming hotel food safety checklists for proper food storage, refrigerator and freezer temperatures, expiry dates and more. By automating your checks, you can rest easy knowing your teams are committed to food safety efforts as checks won't go forgotten and will be front and center on a daily basis. Measuring more often will also help you identify issues sooner, and fix them before they pose any risk to your guests.

Getting started is simple and quick:

  1. Create a food safety checklist. Record expiry dates using the date picker or the number item to record temperatures. Define an acceptable temperature range. Record Temperatures

  2. Set items as critical, so when they’re marked as ‘not OK’ or in the acceptable temperature range an action plan is automatically created. Critical Issue

  3. View the conversation history on all open and resolved action plans and re-open an action plan if you're not satisfied.

  4. View overall performance or filter by outcome, checklist, date or location to learn more about top and low performers and action accordingly.
 Compare Performance


The more things get measured, the more they get done correctly. Measuring hotel food safety on a daily basis helps promote a food safety culture across your teams and ensures their committment to preventing foodborne illnesses by properly following procedures.

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