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Tips for Using Restaurant Checklists to Improve Daily Performance

There are a number of daily tasks that teams are required to perform in order to keep your restaurant running smoothly, including opening and closing duties and cleaning.

Tips for using restaurant checklists to improve daily performance.jpeg

Unfortunately, things like dinner rushes and simple forgetfulness can cause teams to neglect these tasks - resulting in problems that can impact customer experience. Not refilling the roll-ups or water jugs in the morning can lead to an ongoing scramble for staff to stay on top of it throughout the day. Forgetting to check on cleanliness can lead to messy restrooms that are off putting to customers, leaving them to wonder how clean the kitchen is.

(This blog is part one of a three-part series on improving your restaurant operations.)

Use IntouchCheck to set your teams up for success throughout the day. Build and schedule unlimited checklists to ensure duties are completed and the restaurant is clean, so managers can identify and fix issues quickly. Getting started is easy...

  1. Create a cleaning checklist and schedule how often it needs to be completed. For example, create one for your nightly closing crew to finish before they leave the restaurant. Nightly Closing Checklist

  2. Set up automated email reminders to notify teams of an upcoming or missed check. Email Notifications

  3. Require teams to upload photos to verify cleanliness. Verify Cleanliness

  4. Increase accountability by recording the name of the person who performed the last cleanliness check. Improve Accountability

  5. View a list of all incomplete checks and discuss with managers to identify the reasons.

Incomplete Checks


The more you measure, the more things get done. Automating your daily checklists with IntouchCheck will turn your employees on auto-pilot when it comes to performing their tasks and duties and keep your restaurant operations running smoothly.


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