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Employee Engagement: The Most Important Link in Your CX Chain

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In most business models today, operations teams run the-day to-day aspects of the business and ensure the delivery of efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of their customers.

Frontline employees - who are led by the operations group - are responsible for carrying out these daily tasks and play a crucial role in the value chain that links customers to companies and drives loyalty.

The problem with this model, is that the tools that operations teams are using to improve processes, efficiency, and delivery, do not link to the systems and tools being used to collect customer feedback.

In this 20 minute video presentation, Cameron Watt, President and CEO at Intouch Insight, asks whether frontline teams have been left behind in the CX tech evolution, and dives into how we can use technology available today to empower and leverage our frontline employees to deliver best in class experiences.


Why does this matter? Because how customers perceive a brand and their overall experience has so much to do with the interactions they have with frontline employees and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

In fact, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

This disconnect between frontline staff and customer feedback means our frontline staff - the ones we have so carefully selected as the lifeline to our customers - lack a sense of how their function contributes to arguably the most important business metric of them all: a positive customer experience. This lack of awareness means our employees are less engaged in their daily tasks which ultimately impacts the customer experience negatively.

Studies have found that companies with high employee engagement scores enjoy twice the customer loyalty (ex: repeat purchases and referrals) than companies with average employee engagement levels, which means an opportunity for increased customer retention and profit growth.


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