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Mystery shopping services for multi-location businesses.

Take your customer experience from good to great with Intouch custom mystery shopping programs.

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How does mystery shopping work?

Internal metrics and opinions from your teams and customers can have error and bias.
Mystery shopping gives you third party feedback about customer experience and whether or not your locations are consistently delivering your brand standards.

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Create the most effective measurement strategy for your business.


1. Design

Our team of experts work with you to design and implement custom mystery shopping programs that achieve your goals and answer your most critical business questions. Our questionnaires are built to align with your brand standards and provide clear, actionable results.

2. Measure

Our workforce of certified mystery shoppers visit your locations and complete assignments using a mobile app.

3. Analyze Performance

Role and location-level dashboards give all of your organization's key stakeholders a clear picture of performance and empower them to improve your bottom line.

4. Act & Improve

Mystery shopping gathers measurable data that helps you identify areas of your operations in need of focus, so you can coach teams to improve their delivery of brand standards. 

5. Repeat

Ongoing measurement helps you drive continuous improvements to your customer experience, and ingrains customer-centric behaviors in employee culture.

Mystery shopping programs for all industries

Discover the power of mobile mystery shopping.

Collect richer, more accurate feedback faster.

  • Workforce of nearly 1 million mystery shoppers.
  • Shoppers are alerted of nearby mystery shops.
  • Shoppers can find, complete and submit mystery shops all through the ease of a mobile app.
  • Your teams can view results as soon as they're submited.
  • See your brand exactly how your customers see it by requiring shoppers to capture photos
mobile mystery shopping


Meaningful, real-time mystery shopping reports that help
drive improvements at every location.

View data at every level within your organization.

Role and location-level dashboards ensure teams only see data that's meaningful to them.

Prioritize trending problems.

With a real-time list of top issues, your teams will always know where to focus their efforts to improve performance.

Compare results over time.

Measure how each location is delivering on your brand standards. Set goals for areas in need of improvement, then compare performance over time.

Filter and drill down with ease.

View results by date, cycle, hierarchy, location, attributes, section, question, specific questionnaire, and more.  

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Get extra clarity with professional data analysis program add-ons.

Work with our analysts to get the most from your data.

  • Receive & review executive custom reports on your most important KPIs with your assigned analyst on a schedule that makes sense for you.
  • Map & understand performance over time as we analyze changes in your historical data.
  • Uncover root causes of issues or behaviour with statistical modelling.
  • Identify data-driven opportunities for improvement.


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