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Uncover competitive intelligence. Find out where you're exceeding and falling behind with competitive mystery shops.

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Maintain a strong knowledge base of your competitors and your industry. 

Get insight into your competitor's approach.

  • Stop guessing. Find out what your competitors are doing. 
  • Identify areas for improvement. Compare results against your own. 
  • Create custom mystery shopping programs that are important to you. Shop products, employees, store layout and more. 


Competitive Mystery Shop

Uncover your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Pinpoint best practices in your industry. Learn how to improve your customer service strategy relative to your competitors. 
  • Benchmark your service standards against other companies in your industry. Create your own questions and decide which competitors you'd like to benchmark against. 
  • Better understand the market. Identify opportunities to out-perform your competitors and increase market share. 
  • Pinpoint items of concern. Develop unique experiences to differentiate your business and add value to your brand. 

Learn what's going on in your industry. 

  • Get the most from your results. Use competitive intelligence to make informed, data-driven decisions to better your business. 
  • Access reports at any time. Easily review and export results to share with team members. 
  • Identify trends overtime. Determine your strenghts by comparing results with our advanced reporting. 


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