Retail mystery shopping services for all your stores.

Measure customer service, merchandising standards, store presentation and more.

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Learn how your sales associates are performing.

  • Design your own merchandising mystery shopper programs that provide you with actionable results.
  • Get a third party look at your customer service from our database of nearly 1 million mystery shoppers. 
  • Learn more about your sales floor by working with our analysts to build custom questionnaires specific to your goals. 
  • Shop your competitors and benchmark your store's standards with competitor mystery shops.  
IntouchShop Mystery Shopping Results

Collect richer data through detailed reporting.

  • Measure and compare the customer experience at all your stores. 
  • View mystery shopping results by score, question, date, cycle, hierarchy, location, theme and more.  
  • Share results immediately with your teams or quickly print, save and export reports from any time. 
  • Pinpoint your best stores by viewing results in role and location-level dashboards.
  • Drive sales with insights from your score results. 


Make improvements to your stores based on data.

  • Require shoppers to attach photos so you can see through the eyes of a customer.
  • Certified shoppers deliver you detailed, rigorous feedback that you can view as soon as it's submittted. 
  • Enforce store standards based on the client perspective. 
  • Team up with our analyts to focus on areas of strength. 
Mobile Mystery Shopping


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