Intouch Insight is excited to announce the acquisition of RetailTrack.

Explore IntouchShop. We've added more mystery shopping services, client managers and resources to help you create your most valuable mystery shopping programs.


RetailTrack has been one of the most trusted mystery shopping companies in North America for the last 22 years.

Former RetailTrack CEO and customer service expert Shaun Belding explains what mystery shopping is. Shaun details to CBC Marketplace the benefits and outcomes of mystery shopping, and how top mystery shopping companies provide customer experience results to businesses. Watch it here. 
CBC Marketplace Mystery Shopping

Providing clients with more insight into how you can raise the bar.

  • Dig deeper into performance levels, customer service, selling skills, regulatory compliance and any other KPIs
  • Learn how your customers feel about you and how well you're executing the things that drive customer experience
  • Together, you'll receive a clear picture of the actions you need to take to stay on top

Understand your business and your business goals. 

  • Enjoy the same responsiveness and innovation that you're used to
  • As always, we work with you from every level - from simple and effective data collection to helping create a comprehensive strategy
  • Create a reward and recognition program for employees based on their mystery shop scores
  • From strategic planning, data collection methodology and final reporting, our teams work with you to ensure that your mystery shopping initiative is specific to your goals

Collect accurate and reliable data from your mystery shopping results.

  • More teams working for you with unparalleled quality control
  • Every shopper is carefully vetted before receiving assignments 
  • Shoppers must retain a high score to continue to work with our clients 

How do we help you better understand your results?

Detailed Reporting

Notify team members when each shop is completed, and access results instantly. Share, print, save and quickly export reports to get the most from your results.  

Actionable Analytics

Develop actionable insights at your fingertips. Drill into data at any level of detail, while at the same time view the big picture. Uncover more about your business and identify areas for improvement. 

Performance Insights

Learn from your team performance by comparing results to your competitors. Ensure that the standards you’re developing with your training programs are resonating with your customers.

Learn more about your customer experience. Get in touch today.