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Mystery shopping programs for cannabis compliance

Ensure that your business is equipped with the proper tools to securely and safely sell cannabis at all of your locations.

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How does cannabis legalization impact my business?

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, retailers face a new set of responsibilities. Cannabis distribution and product management laws in Canada vary by province, and there are also municipal laws and bylaws that will impact the various rules and regulations that cannabis retailers must adhere to. It’s crucial that businesses are prepared to monitor and enforce all laws required to responsibly sell marijuana.

Click here for more information on provincial and territorial or state-specific laws.

Ensure compliance with cannabis sales laws and regulations

Use a cannabis compliance program to protect your brand and customers from dangerous situations or legal issues.

Validate sales and service standards

Monitor everything from how stores are set up to employee knowledge, including safe handling and selling marijuana within the legal amounts. Ensure that your employees are being compliant and are consistently taking the right steps and precautions in-store and online.

Enforce age verification

Does your business have the necessary tools in place to prevent the sale of cannabis to minors? The minimum age in Canada ranges from 18 to 19 by province. Retailers can use mystery shopping as a way to positively impact age verification across locations.


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