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How to Stay On Top of Safety With Pool Inspection Checklists

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Booking a hotel with a pool can be a big attraction for some of your guests; but, keeping it well maintaned requires on-going work from your teams. To ensure your guests can enjoy the pool during their stay, your teams must use a combination of daily, weekly and monthly pool inspection checklists to keep it clean, safe and functioning.

(This blog is part three of a four-part series on using hotel checks to improve your operations)

IntouchCheck mobile form software is a great solution for helping teams stay on top of the on-going inspections needed to maintain your hotel's pool. IntouchCheck reminds your teams when to complete pool inspection checklists, allows them to complete the inspection on their mobile device and instantly submit the results and create action plans for any issues that arise. 

With unlimited checklists, the ability to record numbers and take photos to verify safety standards, your teams will be able to easily stay on top of pool safety. Plus, you'll always have visibility into what has been completed and what hasn't, so you can be confident your teams are dedicated to the safety of your guests.

Here's how you can get started:

  1. Create unlimited pool inspection checklists for safety, maintenance, and cleanliness and schedule them as often as you need.

  2. Set up feature groups, so pool inspection checklists are only available at your locations that have pools.
  3. Record numbers to track chemical levels, and define acceptable ranges.

  4. Require teams to take photos to verify safety standards are being met.



Your team's dedication to performing pool inspections is vital to keeping your operations running smoothly and your guests safe. By automating and scheduling inspections, you'll rest easy knowing your guests will always be able to use a clean, safe pool during their stay. 

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