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How to Build Efficient Teams With Hotel Housekeeping Checklists

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Cleanliness is one of the first things guests notice about a hotel - making housekeeping a top priority for both hoteliers and their guests. That being said, housekeeping is about more than maintaining clean rooms - it’s about ensuring guests have everything they need during their stay. This can include everything from hygiene products, to a selection of teas, and up-to-date room service menus.

(This blog is part one of a four-part series on using hotel checks to improve your operations)

The continual flow of guests checking in and out requires the constant setup and upkeep of hotel rooms. Using hotel housekeeping checklists to measure what's been done and what hasn't reminds teams what their responsibilities are and inevitably increases how efficienciently they complete those tasks. 

IntouchCheck mobile form software is an easy way to track and measure housekeeping as often as you need. With IntouchCheck, you can drive housekeeping standards consistently across your teams by creating unlimited housekeeping checklists that ensure even the smallest details are never missed. Verifying that rooms are clean and guests have everything they need before they arrive helps ensure a positive experience and saves your staff from having to bring it to them later. 

It’s simple to get started:

  1. Import existing housekeeping checklists, or create new ones using the IntouchCheck checklist builder. You can create unlimited checklists and measure as often as you’d like. Import Checklist

  2. Attach images and guidelines for teams to adhere to. Then, require teams to add photos to verify compliance. Housekeeping Standards

  3. Use skip logic/multiple choice to gain more insights from your checks. Multipick and Skip Logic

  4. Notify teams when a check is approaching or missed. Notify Housekeeping Teams

  5. Access a list of all incomplete checks, and reach out to management to learn why. Incomplete Checks


Using daily hotel housekeeping checklists helps keep your standards front and center, reminding teams of their responsibilities and driving efficiency and performance across locations. 

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