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How to Succeed in the Age of Covid-19

mobile inspection software to success in the age of covid-19

As the reality of living in a pandemic starts to sink in, businesses are looking for ways to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Some of our clients in retail, petro-convenience, shipping and delivery, are getting creative, reconsidering how to continue to serve their customers, and what customer experience looks like today.

From completing thousands of daily cleaning checklists, to incorporating Covid-19 prevention measures into existing safety audits and training, our clients are equipping their employees with the tools they need to stay healthy at work and in the field.

To illustrate, we have pulled together three examples of how our clients are using our Mobile Forms software, Check, and how it has empowered them to quickly take action and adapt to a changing landscape.

National Gas Station Chain

This long-time Intouch Insight client has launched a new Covid-19 Cleaning Tracking Audit, that covers all potential contact points and surfaces that may cross paths with an employee or customer. The audit form has action campaign triggers that will deploy based on the results of the audit, providing follow-up instructions on best practices for sanitation and cleaning. These audits are completed by employees at each location on a scheduled basis, and are visible to the management team at the individual location, as well as at the corporate head office. This allows the corporate team to track completion of the sanitation measures across all locations, from one centralized reporting hub.

Tip: If you don't have your own checklists or audit templates, not to worry. Check has an extensive library of customizable templates that you can use.

National Mail Delivery Service

This client’s Health and Safety division uses Check mobile forms to monitor dock safety, conveyor belt safety, and driver/delivery safety. These forms have been adapted to include safety measures related to the Covid-19 threat, to adjust not just for physical safety but also disinfectant and distancing safety measures that are now required. Audits are completed and are visible to leadership teams from a centralized location for all facilities in dispersed sites, with the ability to keep a view on areas requiring improvement and compliance with current health regulations.

Tip: Check is great for retraining opportunities. Roll-out new or existing training programs, and highlight any areas that require further development or action by other members of your team, e.g Human Resources.

National Grocery Retailer

This retailer has historically used Check for store placement and operational projects such as merchandising layouts. In light of the current health crisis, they have decided to implement Covid-19 checklists across-various locations to protect both staff and customer safety when handling products. Check has provided not only an operational solution for stock and merchandising guidelines, but has also proven its value in helping reinforce health and safety protocol in the field.

Tip: Checklists can be printed out, used offline, on a mobile device, or in transit, to ensure procedures and guidelines are being followed and are accessible throughout the work day.

It’s time for businesses to reconsider what customer experience means to them in the dawn of a new era. We have presented three very different use cases, however, they all demonstrate how Check has helped businesses adapt and succeed, procedurally and operationally, while protecting employees and customers, and rolling out new guidelines to prevent disruption to the business.

Check by Intouch Insight is being offered for free to help businesses succeed. Simply visit the sign-up page for free extended access to Check Mobile Forms Software.

Please get in touch if you need further support.

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