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How to Drive Visual Merchandising & Planogram Compliance

As a retailer, telling a visual story that invites shoppers into your store and engages them throughout their shopping experience is as important as excellent customer service.

(This blog is part one of a three-part series on Retail Operations Management)

Visual merchandising and planograms are at the heart of how you tell your brand’s visual story. New campaigns, promotions and displays are carefully thought-out to showcase products, speak to your customers and facilitate sales. But, ensuring your and your suppliers’ visions are brought to life across all of your stores isn’t easy when you have multiple locations spread across a wide geographic region. 

IntouchCheck mobile form software is a perfect solution for both retail audits  and supplying teams with easy visual merchandising guides and checklists, to empower teams to build each display exactly how you envision it.

With IntouchCheck you can schedule and create unlimited merchandising checklists for any upcoming campaigns, and attach planograms and guidelines to give teams the tools they need to succeed. Launching campaigns without a hitch is easy...

  1. Create and schedule checklists for any upcoming campaign or promotion with IntouchCheck. Screenshot of IntouchCheck and how easy it is to create and schedule checklists for upcoming retail campaigns

  2. Attach planograms and detailed guidelines to demonstrate the correct set up to teams. Screenshot of IntouchCheck and how you are able to attach planograms and detailed guidelines for retail checklists

  3. Require teams to upload photos of displays to verify it meets brand standards, and annotate photos to call out problems clearly. An example photo of how IntouchCheck allows for photo upload for retail checklists.

  4. Automatically notify managers when a check has been completed, and attach a full report of the check in a PDF. Screenshot of notification from IntouchCheck that the check has been completed.


By sharing visual merchandising guides and planograms and giving employees the tools to share photos, questions and complete checks, you can drive accountability and visibility into your retail execution and get better control over  brand experience across your retail stores. 

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