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A Simple Easy Tool for Improving Store Atmosphere & Cleanliness

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An inviting store atmosphere is made up of several elements of customer experience, from cleanliness, cash lines and change rooms to lighting, temperature and music playing. The atmosphere of your store has major impact on customer experience, brand perception and purchasing behaviour. 

(This blog is part three of a three part series on Retail Operations Management)

Store design, layout and visual merchandising are often among top priorities for retail brand teams aiming to create a positive store atmosphere. Still no matter how well your stores are designed and laid out, messy shelves and uncleanly surroundings are major deterrant for a wide variety of buyers, and can instantly diminish all other brand efforts.

So how can you focus your teams on maintaining clean stores and a positive store atmosphere that reflects your brand image - all the time?

IntouchCheck mobile form software is a solution for retail stores looking to create internal team checklists and "mini" retail audits. Teams can complete and report on cleanliness checks on an ad hoc or scheduled basis that you can set. 

By measuring and checking more often, along with the ability to see when and who performed all checks, your teams will be able to identify and fix issues sooner and become more accountable for meeting ongoing cleanliness standards.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Import existing cleanliness checklists or build new ones using the IntouchCheck checklist builder. Use sections to separate measurement of different areas of your stores. Retail Store Quick Check

  2. Customize the scoring of each question and set a pass or fail score for the overall check. Scoring Settings

  3. Schedule checks as often as you’d like and setup automated email notifications so store managers are reminded when a check should begin. Re-open Action Plan

  4. Compare performance across locations to identify top and low performers, the roots cause of issues, and then action accordingly. Compare Performance


Overall store cleanliness is an important contributor to your store atmosphere. IntouchCheck will help you drive a consistent and positive customer experience, by constantly focusing teams on maintaining cleanliness standards, and providing a layer of accountability and visibility into ongoing operations. 

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