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How to Use CSAT Surveys to Improve Guest Loyalty at Your Hotels

Improving Guest Loyalty Using CSAT Surveys

In order to remain competitive in the hospitality industry, hotels must have a strong understanding of how guests are experiencing their brand and any issues that contribute to poor experiences - and then work diligently to continuously improve the guest experience.

Adopting the continuous improvement approach to guest experience managment means never assuming what’s important to guests. Brands must ask guests about their expectations directly and on an ongoing basis.

So, how do hoteliers collect this feedback to improve their guest experience? Hotel customer satisfaction surveys.

(This blog is part two of a three-part series on guest experience management)

Improve guest loyalty with hotel CSATs

What can you measure with hotel customer satisfaction surveys?

Before hotel guests even check into their rooms, they can interact with your brand online, over the phone, and at reception. These touch points in the customer journey are an important part of providing a great guest experience, and have a large impact on your guests' willingness to return to one of your hotels. With that being said, it's critical that you don't overlook these touch points when collecting customer feedback. By measuring every stage of the customer journey, you'll be empowered to truly improve your guest experience and drive guest loyalty and revenue.

Customer satisfaction surveys are a great tool for collecting this feedback. With CSAT surveys, you can measure everything from the ease of booking a hotel room, to the quality of the stay, all the way to the checkout process.

By collecting feedback straight from your guests, you'll be able to learn what their expectations are and what they care most about. You can then ensure it's aligned with the standards and experiences you've designed. Some common things to measure are:

  • How much effort was required from the guest during the booking process
  • How efficient the check-in process was
  • What guests believe are acceptable wait times
  • The quality and presentation of the hotel room
    • Did it meet customer expectations?
    • Was it accurately represented when booking?
  • What aspects of cleanliness are most important to guests
  • What guests value in hotel staff (this can encompass everything from uniforms to politeness)
  • Quality of restaurant food and all amenities


Hotel customer satisfaction surveys are a great solution for collecting feedback straight from your most important source - your guests. Leveraging technology like CSAT surveys to manage your guest experience will provide you with valuable insights that allow you to continuously exceed guest expectations, build guest loyalty, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

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