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Restaurant Operations Series: Using Measurement to Drive Execution

With the help of social media and websites like Yelp, Urbanspoon and Trip Advisor, consumers are more vocal than ever about their dine in-and quick service experiences. Unfortunately, one bad review can tarnish your restaurant’s reputation, and cause potential customers to choose your competitors instead.

Whether you have five employees or five thousand, ensuring consistent, excellent service every time is challenging. 

For decades, we’ve worked with various industries to measure their teams’ operational performance. We’ve learned there’s two key ways to manage your teams so they deliver consistently:

  1. Measuring and enforcing as often as possible
    What gets measured is what gets done. If you reinforce standards every day, your teams are more likely to stay focused on them.

  2. Periodic check points to make sure nothing slips over time
    Keep track of your teams’ delivery of brand standards to make sure your brand image is being maintained.

That’s why we built IntouchCheck - a tool easy and affordable enough for your managers and teams to use every day to stay on top of daily tasks, and keep your restaurant operations running smoothly. You can use it to measure things like health and food safety, daily processes, and cleanliness more often, so managers can identify issues and fix them before they impact customers. Managers can also use it for periodic checks of brand standards for things like food quality, restaurant presentation and steps of service - to ensure brand image is protected.

In this three part blog series, we'll share best practices we've learned from our experience collecting insights on team performance and  how to apply them to improve your restaurant operations. 

In this series, we'll cover:

1. Tips for Using Restaurant Checklists to Improve Daily Performance

2. How to Create a Restaurant Food Safety Culture

3. How to Keep Teams Dedicated to Brand Standards with Restaurant Audits

Start improving your restaurant operations today.

Begin with the first post in this series: Tips for Using Restaurant Checklists to Improve Daily Performance 



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