A complete picture of customer experience, in one place.

Meaningful, actionable insights for everyone in your organization - from the front-line to the c-suite.

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Customer experience management reporting and insights

Discover the power of centralized customer data.

Gain unique insights.

With all of your data centralized in one place, you can easily identify correlations between your customer feedback and operational data.

Identify root causes quickly.

Discover the "why" behind customer delight and disappointment so you can drive improvement.

Empower decision-makers.

Role and location-based dashboards put the right insights into the right hands, so everyone at your organization can focus on the customer experience analytics that they care about most.

Drill down to learn more.

With advanced filters you can slice and dice your data by date, cycle, hierarchy, location attributes and more.

IntouchIntelligence customer experience management dashboard

Results-focused dashboards that drive improvement and action.

Spot top opportunities.

Stay up-to-date on top opportunities and areas in need of focus, at the location or organization level with robust, real-time reports. Take action by assigning action plans to anyone on in your organization.

Mystery shop top opportunities

Instant, clear insights into location performance.

View location performance with score cards, average scores and program comparisons of mystery shopping, customer satisfaction and audit results.


Build, customize and manage permissions.

Your organization has many stakeholders with different responsibilities and priorities. Their dashboards should reflect that. IntouchIntelligence makes it easy to create custom reports and new charts, for stunning new views of your data in minutes. Set hierarchy permissions to ensure users only view data they are permitted to see. 


Build custom customer experience management dashboards

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