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Tips & Tricks (6)

2 min read

CSAT Survey Best Practices

What do customers think about your brand? Are they satisfied with your customer service? Do they think there are areas where you could improve?...

4 min read

Six Voice of the Customer Best Practices

Today, it’s impossible for brands to become industry leaders without listening and responding to the needs, wants, and expectations of their...

mystery shopping tips

3 min read

Mystery Shopping Tips

Mystery shopping is a great way to measure your customer experience and learn how well your locations are following brand standards. A lot of thought...

3 min read

Four Ways to Drive Customer Engagement

Many top brands attribute a large portion of their success to customer engagement because it plays a key role in the growth and sustainability of...

4 min read

How To Reduce Overtime With Mobile Forms

Many businesses in various industries face the same issue: overtime costs. While sometimes it's a necessary part of the job, employers usually want...

Tips Mystery Shoppers

2 min read

Tips for Mystery Shoppers

Whether you’re looking at making a career out of mystery shopping, taking it up as a hobby, or just looking to increase your income, there are a few...

2 min read

Mobile Forms: A Guide to Your Savings and ROI

Prospective clients often ask us, “how much can I save using IntouchCheck mobile forms?” While the savings and ROI for mobile forms vary by factors...

Suggestions Mystery Shopper

Suggestions For Being A Great Mystery Shopper [Infographic]

Mystery shopping can be a perfect way to earn some extra income, and try new activites - all in your free time! While it's pretty easy to sign up and...

4 Ways to Use Checklists to Help Manage Your Business

If you're managing a business, you're probably already aware of how difficult it can be to keep your temas organized, improve efficiency and stay on...

2 min read

Four Things Event Marketers Should Consider to Improve Event ROI

Rethinking How You Do Event Marketing Are you looking for fresh ways to attract more qualified leads to your trade shows and events, and convert them...