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Tips & Tricks (4)

Improve Your Franchise's Customer Experience

3 min read

4 Steps to Improve Your Franchise's Customer Experience

In the modern business world, there are companies that exemplify stellar customer experience and support, and then there are those struggling to...

Everything you need to know about mystery shopping

1 min read

What You Need to Know About Mystery Shopping in Under 90 Seconds

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s so important for brands to stand out against the competition. In order to achieve this, businesses need to...

boost survey response rates

4 min read

7 Proven Strategies to Boost Survey Response Rates

Of all the resources you have at your disposal for gathering feedback on how your business is performing, customers are your most valuable asset....

voice of the employee blog

4 min read

7 Reasons Why Your VoC Program Is Not Improving Customer Experience

According to Forrester, Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a systematic approach for collecting customer feedback, mining that feedback for insights, and...

Co workers at a trade show nurturing leads

4 min read

Tips for Successful Trade Show Lead Nurturing

Consider the amount of time that goes into planning a successful trade show exhibit. You spend all those hours designing your booth, promoting a...

Customer Experience Management team discussing business initiatives

6 min read

3 Ways to Get the Most Value out of Your Mystery Shopping Program

Customer experience (CX) is a top priority for most businesses, but many struggle to pinpoint where the brand vision for CX is not being delivered -...

Forrester CX NYC 2018 Forum

4 min read

Three Customer Experience Lessons from Forrester’s CX NYC Forum

Last week, we attended Forrester’s 2018 CX NYC Forum. The two-day forum was filled with informative sessions held by Forrester’s customer experience...

Young professionals analyzing customer experience data

2 min read

How to Take Action on Your Customer Experience Data

Companies today have done a good job at listening and keeping a pulse on the voice of their customers (VoC). Whether it’s listening through social...

Business professionals shaking hands on a customer experience partnership

2 min read

What Not to Do When Selecting a CX Technology Platform

Superior customer experience (CX) can be a game-changing tactic for businesses looking to transform their organization and outperform the...

What should your mystery shopping scores be-2

1 min read

Guide: What Should Your Mystery Shopping Scores Be? [Infographic]

If you have just begun mystery shopping your stores, it’s important to set an initial target for the level of compliance you hope to achieve at each...