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Tips & Tricks (5)


5 min read

Four Ways You Can Lower Restaurant Labor Costs

Regardless of theme, size, geographic location, or target clientele, all restaurants have one major concern in common: labor costs.

Boxing Day - Holiday Season.png

3 min read

Prepare Your Stores for Boxing Day and the Holiday Season

Edging on one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, consumers will not be shying away from pulling out their wallets in-store. In fact, almost...

3 min read

How to Use your Mobile Forms Software to its Fullest Potential

If you're using mobile forms at your business to complete regular checklists, see insights and action problems, you're probably finding it pretty...

3 min read

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Mobile Forms Software?

If you're using mobile forms at your business, you should quickly start to see improvements in time and cost savings across your organization. If...

Why Mobile Forms Trump Paper [Infographic]

Some of the costs associated with paper data collection and filing processes are hidden from your business. If you're considering investing in...

Revisit Your Mystery Shopping Program

2 min read

Why You Should Revisit Your Mystery Shopping Program

When running a mystery shopping program at your business, sometimes it can feel like all it requires is simply putting a program in place, and then...

3 min read

CX Leaders: 5 Tips for Becoming a Customer-Centric Organization

It’s no secret that people are resistant to change - and when it comes to organizational change, their resistance might be even stronger. This is one...

Survey Questions

2 min read

How To Create The Most Effective Survey Questions

When creating customer satisfaction surveys, it’s necessary to come up with survey questions that provide your business with accurate, actionable...

2 min read

Three Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

Sometimes, businesses get caught up in how quickly they can get a job done or how much they're able to bill for a certain project - forgetting the...