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Customer Experience Measurement

3 min read

3 Powerful Ways to Visualize Your Data

Analysis paralysis can be a real problem. The more data you’ve collected the better informed your business decisions will be. But distilling raw numbers or drilling down to the right level to pull out actionable insights is challenging. That’s where our...

2 min read

The Many Faces of Mystery Shoppers

If you've followed our blog you’ll know that mystery shopping is one of the main channels we recommend for customer experience measurement. But who exactly are mystery shoppers? This is a topic that can still cause some confusion.

7 min read

Customer Experience Measurement: 16 KPIs the Pros are Tracking

Ask any customer experience (CX) professional and they’ll tell you that great customer experiences drive increased revenue. This is because happy customers are loyal customers that will bring both repeat and new business by word of mouth. But how can you...

2 min read

The 3 I's of Retail CX: Intelligence, Improvement and Impact

The CX world has been turned on its head. Even before the global pandemic changed customer journeys forever, many organizations experienced the rapid growth of Customer Experience (CX) teams, only to see teams slashed just a few years later due to lack...

2 min read

Top 5 Tips for Better CX Program Measurement

In our recent blog series, How to Measure Customer Experience During a Global Crisis, we talked about the importance of understanding your customers’ expectations, how you can roll out programs to meet them and continually evolve and adapt these programs...

6 min read

Essential Restaurant KPIs to Measure Customer Experience Success

As a restaurant owner, you know exactly how competitive the industry is and how critical customer experience (CX) is to business success. An estimated 17% of restaurants fail within their first year, and the overall average lifespan of a restaurant is...

2 min read

How to Fix the Quagmire of Too Much Customer Experience Data

Most companies today have realized that customer experience (CX) is evolving into the number one factor they can control in terms of maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage and attaining better business results.

2 min read

What Not to Do When Selecting a CX Technology Platform

Superior customer experience (CX) can be a game-changing tactic for businesses looking to transform their organization and outperform the competition. But to succeed in CX, you need the right tools to listen to your customers, interpret data, and act on...

3 min read

New York Flagship Survey

The customer experience. It’s often talked about, chased after, and sometimes — sadly — not considered at all. But in an environment where omni-channel shopping is dramatically impacting physical retail stores, maybe it’s time for the customer experience...

1 min read

Restaurant Operations Series: Using Measurement to Drive Execution

With the help of social media and websites like Yelp, Urbanspoon and Trip Advisor, consumers are more vocal than ever about their dine in-and quick service experiences. Unfortunately, one bad review can tarnish your restaurant’s reputation, and cause...