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Mystery Shopping (3)

Customer Experience Management team discussing business initiatives

6 min read

3 Ways to Get the Most Value out of Your Mystery Shopping Program

Customer experience (CX) is a top priority for most businesses, but many struggle to pinpoint where the brand vision for CX is not being delivered -...

3 min read

New York Flagship Survey

The customer experience. It’s often talked about, chased after, and sometimes — sadly — not considered at all. But in an environment where...

Server pouring wine for a happy customer at a restaurant

3 min read

4 Ways Restaurant Mystery Shopping Improves Customer Experience

When it comes to dining out, there’s no doubt that customers expect a seamless experience - delicious food, great service, and a pleasant atmosphere....

What should your mystery shopping scores be-2

1 min read

Guide: What Should Your Mystery Shopping Scores Be? [Infographic]

If you have just begun mystery shopping your stores, it’s important to set an initial target for the level of compliance you hope to achieve at each...

Top four questions you should ask potential mystery shopping providers

3 min read

How to Choose a Mystery Shopping Provider: Top 4 Questions to Ask

In North America, there are over 150 mystery shopping companies that are members of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association). With so many...

Mystery shopping & Customer Satisfaction surveys

1 min read

Improve Customer Experience with Mystery Shopping & CSAT Surveys

When it comes to the value of your mystery shopping program, your results are meaningless if the behaviours you're measuring aren't aligned with your...

2 min read

The Key to Effective Mystery Shopping: Understanding Your Customer

Have you ever been in a situation where you ask a question only to receive an answer that isn’t what you were looking for? Maybe you didn’t ask the...


Petro-Convenience Mystery Shopping [Infographic]

In petro-convenience stores, you no longer just have gas pumps to worry about. The industry is always growing and shifting - with everything from...

Mystery Shopping For Multi-store Retail Brands

Retail Mystery Shopping [Infographic]

The retail landscape is constantly shifting, and now more than ever it's essential that retailers provide their customers with a wonderful customer...

CSAT Surveys and Mystery Shopping

2 min read

CSAT & Mystery Shopping: Better Together

If you’re looking to improve customer experience at your locations, there are two key steps in the process to ensure that you get it right. While...