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2 min read

Coffee: A Hot Commodity for Convenience Stores

Coffee is a big part of many consumers’ daily routines. Whether it’s a kick of caffeine in the morning or a little boost to power through the afternoon, just under 75% of consumers surveyed said they regularly purchase coffee. So how can convenience...

Key takeaways from how convenience stores can capitalize on mystery shopping.

5 min read

How Convenience Stores Can Capitalize on Mystery Shopping

It's a great time to be in the convenience industry. The changes in consumer habits that we’ve tracked over the past two years show people are making more local purchases, shifting the times they visit stores to avoid crowds, and wanting to complete...

How Petro-convenience stores can prepare for 2022?

3 min read

Consumer Habits: How Petro-Convenience Stores Can Prepare for 2022

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic petro and convenience stores have demonstrated just how nimble they can be by rolling out new operational initiatives and last mile services. While lockdowns and travel restrictions meant we didn’t have to...

Key finding in 2021 on consumer behavior & COVID adjustments in convenience stores

3 min read

Consumer Behavior & COVID Adjustments in Convenience Stores

After a rollercoaster of a year, Cameron Watt, President and CEO of Intouch Insight, was back and in person at the 2021 Outlook Leadership Conference in Los Angeles!In addition to crowning the winner of this year's Intouch Insight-CSP Magazine Customer...

3 key takeaways on how COVID-19 has impacted convenience stores and gas stations

3 min read

Changes in Consumer Habits | Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

This month we've looked at COVID-19’s impact on the Retail and Restaurant industries. Now, as we round out June, we're diving into how changes in consumer habits are affecting Convenience Stores and Gas Stations.

Woman pumping gas at a convenience store

4 min read

3 Ways for Convenience Stores to Collect More Feedback

Customers increasingly expect personalized omnichannel experiences. To remain competitive, convenience store retailers need to actively listen to customers to understand their wants and needs to improve customer experience (CX) and meet customer...

1 min read

Mobile Apps: How Top QSR and Convenience Store Brands Measure Up

Technology has redefined the way businesses deliver customer service. From self-serve kiosks to mobile apps, technology has provided customers with more ways to interact with brands. For companies, this makes delivering on their brand promise and...

Woman using a customer loyalty app at a convenience and gas store

4 min read

4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty as Convenience and Gas Retailers

It’s not surprising that location is the top factor in a consumer’s choice of c-stores to visit, after all convenience and ease is top of mind for today's consumer. But, in-store considerations such as product variety and promotions also have a big...


Petro-Convenience Mystery Shopping [Infographic]

In petro-convenience stores, you no longer just have gas pumps to worry about. The industry is always growing and shifting - with everything from fresh food offerings to cleanliness, there are many crucial touch points in your CX. 

Your brand is only as...

Business professional looking at too much customer experience data

Convenience and Gas Mystery Shopping [Infographic]

At convenience and gas stores, you no longer just have gas pumps to worry about. The industry is always growing and shifting - with everything from fresh food offerings to cleanliness, there are many crucial touch points in your CX.