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Justine Lambros

Content Marketing Specialist

Customer Experience Management team discussing business initiatives

2 min read

Drive CX Business Value at CXPA Insight Exchange 2018

In less than one week Intouch Insight will be on it’s way to New Orleans for the CXPA Insight Exchange, an annual conference dedicated to all things customer experience. It's our first time attending the conference, and while we won’t miss our...

boost survey response rates

4 min read

7 Proven Strategies to Boost Survey Response Rates

Of all the resources you have at your disposal for gathering feedback on how your business is performing, customers are your most valuable asset....

voice of the employee blog

4 min read

7 Reasons Why Your VoC Program Is Not Improving Customer Experience

According to Forrester, Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a systematic approach for collecting customer feedback, mining that feedback for insights, and...

Two women opening a retail cannabis store practicing responsible sales

4 min read

How Cannabis Retailers Can Responsibly Sell Marijuana

As of October 17, 2018, the recreational use and sale of cannabis is legal in Canada. This is a significant moment in history, as Canada is now the...

Woman pumping gas at a convenience store

4 min read

3 Ways for Convenience Stores to Collect More Feedback

Customers increasingly expect personalized omnichannel experiences. To remain competitive, convenience store retailers need to actively listen to...

Business professional looking at too much customer experience data

2 min read

How to Fix the Quagmire of Too Much Customer Experience Data

Most companies today have realized that customer experience (CX) is evolving into the number one factor they can control in terms of maintaining a...

Happy customer

4 min read

5 Stories of Great Customer Experiences That Would Make Mom Proud

Jeanne Bliss, customer experience (CX) expert, has guided companies in their CX transformation for over 20 years. In her latest book, “Would You Do...

Co workers at a trade show nurturing leads

4 min read

Tips for Successful Trade Show Lead Nurturing

Consider the amount of time that goes into planning a successful trade show exhibit. You spend all those hours designing your booth, promoting a...

Customer experience professionals sitting around discussing CX initiatives

11 min read

CX Executive Search: An Interview with Christopher Rios

We recently chatted with Christopher Rios, CX Practice Leader at Blue Rock Search which is an executive search firm based in Sarasota, FL. We learned...

Woman using a customer loyalty app at a convenience and gas store

4 min read

4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty as Convenience and Gas Retailers

It’s not surprising that location is the top factor in a consumer’s choice of c-stores to visit, after all convenience and ease is top of mind for...