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        Pro Tips: Key Takeaways on Building a Solid Foundation for Your Customer Experience Management Strategy

        Building a state of the art Customer Experience Management (CEM) program is a long-term process...

        Why You Need A Blended Approach to CEM

        We have good news and bad news.

        As a business, there are a number of challenges you can expect...

        Your Guide to Mastering CX in 2020

        January and February are slow-moving months for consumers. People are scrambling to pay off...

        2019 In The Rear View

        The new year is in full swing but we wanted to look at a few things that made 2019 stand out...

        The Key to Cultivating Loyalty Part 2: Designing Great Experiences

        Last month we shared a guest post by customer experience strategist, Jim Bass. In the first part...

        The Key to Cultivating Loyalty Part 1: Taking Action on Customer Feedback

        Guest post by Jim Bass, Designing the Difference

        Sun's out, new features out

        We are always perfecting Intouch products based on your feedback, and now it's easier than ever...