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2 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: New Features for the New Year

With the start of the new year, we have rolled out several new features across our products that will help you to collect and analyze data.

Use These 3 Features To Elevate Mystery Shopping Program

2 min read

3 Essential Features of Modern Mystery Shopping

The practice of mystery shopping can trace its roots back to research methods in the 1940’s designed to assess operational and behavioral...

The New Year Brings New Opprtunities

1 min read

Intouch and you in 2022

The new year brings new opportunities.

Despite all the curveballs 2021 threw at us and our partners, we’ve continued to have a discernible impact...

Its time for some new produtc updates.

3 min read

CX Top-Ups: New Features for the Holidays

Happy holidays and happy new feature releases! This month we have added several new features and product enhancements to the Intouch Platform and...

Three ways mobile inspection software like IntouchCheck™ can help your business during labor shortages

3 min read

3 Ways IntouchCheck™ Helps During Labor Shortages

Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Now that government mandated shutdowns are behind us and businesses are allowed to keep their doors open,...

Answes to FAQs on designing an impactful Mystery Shopping program

6 min read

Top Tips to Craft the Best Mystery Shopping Program

Mystery shopping works. But, to reap the rewards, you need the right program, the right questions, and the right partner.

New dashboards, integrations, and more from Intouch Insight

3 min read

CX Tech Top-ups for November- New Dashboard, Integrations, and More!

This month we have rolled out several new product features in the Intouch Platform and IntouchCheck™ that we are so excited for you to begin using.

How Petro-convenience stores can prepare for 2022?

3 min read

Consumer Habits: How Petro-Convenience Stores Can Prepare for 2022

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic petro and convenience stores have demonstrated just how nimble they can be by rolling out new...

What the 'New Normal' means for restaurants and food service?

3 min read

Consumer Habits: Aligning Restaurants with the ‘New Normal’

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, many of us will start turning to our favourite restaurants for some much needed comfort food....

Equipped Intouch Platform with several new feature updates

2 min read

CX Tech Top-ups for October- New feature updates!

October is here and so are new product features. We have equipped Intouch Platform with several new feature updates that will help you collect,...