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QSR guest experiences

5 min read

QSR Guest Experiences: Insight Into Tech’s Impact [Latest Data]

When it comes to quick-serve restaurants (QSR), one thing is clear: customers crave speed, convenience, and good food. But with an overwhelming amount of information available to help restaurant operators please guests, how to know what really works?

Emerging experiences 2024

4 min read

Restaurant Trends: A Dive Into Emerging Experiences 2024

The Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) industry is constantly evolving. Among all the trends influencing how restaurants operate, digital ordering cannot...

april new features blog

2 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: Exciting IntouchCheck® Updates Revealed!

At Intouch Insight, we're dedicated to improving our software so our users can keep delivering top-notch customer experiences. This month, we're...

Grocery store customer experience

3 min read

Grocery Store Customer Experience: A Brief Insight

As grocers fight for space in customers' pantries (and minds), letting someone hang alone in their store for five minutes without assistance is not...

5 min read

Mystery Shopping in Market Research

Customer preferences have certainly evolved over the last decade. From technological advancements to economic shifts, many factors influence what...

Customer experience measurement kpis

7 min read

Customer Experience Measurement: 17 KPIs the Pros are Tracking in 2024

Ask any customer experience (CX) professional, and they’ll tell you that exceptional customer experiences drive increased revenue. The reason why?...

3 min read

How to Improve QSR Guest Experience with Data From the Field

With the restaurant industry facing many challenges, the big question remains: How can QSR brands improve guest experiences?

7 min read

Essential Restaurant KPIs to Measure Customer Experience Success

In the dynamic, competitive restaurant industry, every customer interaction counts. Whether through efficient drive-thru lanes, user-friendly...

Drive-thru experience at coffee chain

3 min read

American Coffee Preferences: A Brief Insight

When getting a quick cup of coffee or a breakfast sandwich on the go, the drive-thru has become an essential feature for many Americans. In fact,...

 introducing custom reporting periods for enhanced analytics

1 min read

Empowering Insights: Custom Reporting Periods for Enhanced Analytics

We're excited to announce a significant enhancement to our reporting capabilities based on valuable customer feedback. Over the past few months, our...